New Occupancy Rules Foster Home-Like Environment

The Pioneer Network recently announced that the National Fire Protection Association will be implementing “revisions in health care occupancy rules to foster a more comfortable, home-like environment.” This means that regulatory agencies are coming together with providers to better serve residents while conforming to fire and safety regulations. At our very own Robison Jewish Health Center the new rules mean we’ll continue creating a more home-like space for our residents.

The adopted proposals cover the following areas, with certain limitations:

  • Small, open kitchens with stoves/cooktops are now permitted. At Robison, we’ll be able to use the stove in the Activities Room to offer a wider range of activities for residents.
  • Furniture may be provided in corridors for residents to sit and rest. We look forward to doing this for our residents.
  • “Combustible decorations” are now permitted in resident rooms and common spaces. We will encourage residents to bring more of their more artwork or other belongings to make their room feel more like home and demonstrate their uniqueness and individuality

The last adopted proposal is that gas or electric fireplaces will be allowed to be used in smoke compartments that contain sleeping rooms, but not within individual sleeping rooms.

We concur with the Pioneer Network‘s conclusion as to the benefits of the new regulations for residents:

an increased feeling that they are really “at home” due to having kitchens that resemble and function like those they had in their own homes; an increased ability to navigate the long corridors of a traditional nursing home without using a wheelchair; the ability for a resident to have more decorations on the wall and door of her or his bedroom in order to further personalize the room and maintain connections with family and community.

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