LeadingAge Creative Writing Contest: “Friday, December 14, 2012” by Florence Blitch

LeadingAge LogoAs every year since 1993, LeadingAge Oregon is holding a Creative Writing Contest. Cedar Sinai Park residents participate in great numbers. Winners will be announced publicly on February 28; up to 50 top-rated pieces will also be published in “Reflections: A Collection of Writing and Poetry by Oregon’s Elders.”

We have received notification that the following entries by RSM residents were selected as winners:

  • “Uncle Izzy” by Sam Berry
  • “Friday, December 14, 2012” by Florence Blitch
  • “Waiting” by Diane Budner
  • “A Mother” by Alice Cahana
  • “Haunted” by Evelyn Hirsch
  • “Mother Tulip’s Chant” by Martha M. Pomeranz
  • “Sonnet” by Robert S. Putterman

Here’s the fifth of 13 submissions we’ll be reprinting here (with permission from their authors).

“Friday, December 14, 2012: Sandy Hook Elementary School” by Florence Blitch

I write down words, then take them away.
I can find none that will convey
The awful horror of today…

Their young laughter, song,
Stilled suddenly, was no more…
Teachers crumpled to the floor
All, all tomorrows gone.

A boundless rage born of our sorrow
Roars out across the land.
Keening, we bend to comprehend
Evil beyond evil. We cannot understand.

Forever now a shadow lies across our lives,
A tie that binds our agony.
Knot well this ribbon of our grief;
Hold them forever close in memory.