LeadingAge Creative Writing Contest: “Mother Tulip’s Chant” by Martha Pomeranz

LeadingAge LogoAs every year since 1993, LeadingAge Oregon is holding a Creative Writing Contest. Cedar Sinai Park residents participate in great numbers. Winners will be announced publicly on February 28; up to 50 top-rated pieces will also be published in “Reflections: A Collection of Writing and Poetry by Oregon’s Elders.”

We have received notification that the following entries by RSM residents were selected as winners:

  • “Uncle Izzy” by Sam Berry
  • “Friday, December 14, 2012” by Florence Blitch
  • “Waiting” by Diane Budner
  • “A Mother” by Alice Cahana
  • “Haunted” by Evelyn Hirsch
  • “Mother Tulip’s Chant” by Martha M. Pomeranz
  • “Sonnet” by Robert S. Putterman

Here’s the sixth of 13 submissions we’ll be reprinting here (with permission from their authors).

“Mother Tulip’s Chant” by Martha Pomeranz

“Wake up my darling baby, for there’s much work to be done”
Quote Mother Tulip sleepily to her newborn tulip son.

“Today we start our digging, since we aim to reach the light.
Do eat all your breakfast, so you can push with all your might.

Here now, take a sip of water; the past weeks have been so dry.
We’ve got to reach the surface, which means you’ll really have to try

To put some color in your cheeks, you’ve been sleeping, and you’re pale.
So do breathe deeply and stay awake – it’s one, two, three – inhale.

The rumors have been echo’d along the rooted vines,
And the news that spring is coming has been proven by its signs.

You may be just a bulb now, but you’ll sprout and be a Man,
And you’ll dress in vivid colors to win the best award you can.

It’s true you’re just a flower, and your life won’t last so long
But dream a bit and show us that you know right from wrong.

There are roses and some daisies, and friendly lilies, too.
All decked with fragrant blossoms; all waiting to greet you.

One day you’ll meet a “lady”- all dressed in creamy white.
You’ll find her in the garden and bow to her each night.

With both of us together, how proud I’ll be of you.
We’ll hold our heads up high, dear, and see the sky so blue.

However, I must warn you, while you delve into great deeds,
Be forever on the look-out for our enemies-the weeds.”