LeadingAge Creative Writing Contest: “Sonnet” by Robert S. Putterman

LeadingAge LogoAs every year since 1993, LeadingAge Oregon held a Creative Writing Contest. Cedar Sinai Park residents participated in great numbers. Winners were announced publicly on February 28; 50 top-rated pieces were also be published in Reflections: A Collection of Writing and Poetry by Oregon’s Elders.

The following entries by RSM residents were selected as winners:

Here’s the ninth of 13 submissions we’ll be reprinting here (with permission from their authors).

“Sonnet” by Robert S. Putterman

We often thirst for what is first in life,
What is that precious thing that we must know.
Because our days are often filled with strife,
It’s hard to find the purpose for this show.

Perhaps, we’ve thought, the answer is in wealth,
Although we know that that has ne’er been true,
And then the subject of our constant health
Has always been there, out there in the blue.

Since neither meet the test with errless grace
The answer lies in something else for sure.
The only truth that stares us in the face
Comes quickly through like sparkling crystal pure.

It’s loving friendship that we find comes “first”
To answer what we know is life’s main thirst.