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Jobs to Careers Project Advances Frontline Staff

Rose Schnitzer Manor continues to reap the benefits of its innovative, work-based learning model for caregiver training.  The Manor’s work-based learning program is affiliated with Jobs to Careers, a national initiative that helps frontline health care workers access the skills and credential opportunities they need to advance their careers — at little to no cost to the workers.

To highlight the successes of Jobs to Careers,  The Hitachi Foundation, one of the funders and founders of the national initiative, developed a video series “Reflection on Jobs to Careers”.   The series contains a video highlighting the successes of Rose Schnitzer Manor and features three of the Manor’s employees:

  • David Kohnstamm, Administrator
  • Linda Bifano, Director of Health Services
  • Manolita Surban, Resident Assistant

Rose Schnitzer Manor’s work-based training program was funded by the Robert Wood Johnson Foundation and the Hitachi Foundation through the national program office of Jobs for the Future. This educational training program was implemented in partnership with Portland Community College.

Caregivers Awarded for Training

Twenty one caregivers from Cedar Sinai Park’s assisted living facility, Rose Schnitzer Manor, will receive recognition awards on September 17th for their completion of over 340 hours of training. Caregivers received college credit for their training in over 27 different subject areas ranging from body mechanics and behavioral conditions to medication and fall prevention.

“It is an incredible training program,” said David Kohnstamm, Rose Schnitzer Manor Director. “With this work based learning model, caregivers have access to ongoing education that supports continued growth. In the end, our caregivers are better skilled and are happier, and their success ultimately helps us to provide better care to our residents.”

The majority of training sessions were held on the campus of Cedar Sinai Park, and three days of train-the-trainer sessions were held at Portland Community College. All work based learning courses were free to caregivers. Training costs were covered by Cedar Sinai Park, Robert Wood Johnson Foundation, Hitachi Foundation, and Portland Community College.

The caregivers’ award presentation will take place in Zidell Hall at Rose Schnitzer Manor from 2:00 – 4:00 pm. Caregivers’ certificates will be signed by executives of Cedar Sinai Park, The Alliance of Seniors and Health Services, Oregon Health Care Association, and Portland Community College.
Rose Schnitzer Manor’s work based learning program is an innovative practice among long-term care employers, as evidenced by recognition from the state earlier this year.

In April, Rose Schnitzer Manor received an award and special recognition for its work based learning program from Oregon’s Department of Seniors and People with Disabilities. This special recognition was awarded to the top three applicants in the state for an Innovative Practice Program in the area of Workforce Recruitment and Retention.

Rose Schnitzer Manor’s work based learning program is affiliated with Jobs to Careers, a national initiative that seeks to advance and reward the skill and career development of low-wage incumbent workers providing care and services on the front lines of our health and health care systems. Funded by the Robert Wood Johnson Foundation and Hitachi Foundation through the national program office of Jobs for the Future, this educational training program in partnership with Portland Community College has been a three year program of effort supported by Cedar Sinai Park’s Rose Schnitzer Manor Assisted Living.

Project evaluation is being completed by both the University of North Carolina Institute on Aging and Portland State University Institute on Aging.