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Living in Downtown Portland

1200 Building Renovated Rooftop Garden

1200 Building Renovated Rooftop Garden

Cedar Sinai Park has four affordable housing buildings in downtown Portland. The Rose Schnitzer Tower, Lexington Apartments, Park Tower Apartments and the 1200 building are within 6 blocks of each other between Pioneer Square and Portland State University. The buildings create viable communities by housing culturally diverse adults with disabilities and the elderly. Residents enjoy being close to public transportation, access to grocery stores & hospitals, as well as the infamous Saturday Market.

Library run by tenets

Library run by tenets

Each building has a unique sense of community with movie clubs, coffee committees and tenant ran libraries. There is an activity coordinator that plans outings to the coast, help tenets organize potlucks, and in the fall there will be a health and wellness fair. Each property has a very strong reputation and a wait list. We encourage people to plan ahead by adding their name to the list. Cedar Sinai Park looks forward to expanding our reach in downtown Portland by providing affordable housing.

Opportunity to Stop ‘N’ Shop

David, Manager at Stop n Shop.

David Singer, Manager at Stop ‘N’ Shop.

Whether it is birthday cards, tissues or a candy bar we all have an excuse to Stop ‘N’ Shop. Near the lobby at the Rose Schnitzer Manor you can find a small convenient shop to meet all your needs. The store is open Monday through Thursday from 2:00pm – 3:30pm.

David Singer, the charming manager and buyer, welcomes you with a smile and willingness to help. David has lived at Rose Schnitzer Manor for 12 years and began as a volunteer at the Stop ‘N’ Shop two years ago. He says cookies and toothpaste are  the top sellers. There is an impressive snack and greeting card selection at very reasonable prices. All of the proceeds go to the Employee Recognition Fund which gets divided evenly among all Cedar Sinai Park employees once a year.

Please pick up your next snack or holiday cards at the Stop ‘N’ Shop!

Stop n Shop Tioletries

Stop ‘N’ Shop Toiletries

Stop N Shop Greeting Cards

Stop ‘N’ Shop Greeting Cards

15 Great Years – Thank You Edna!

We all  love the excuse to eat cake!

We all love the excuse to eat cake!

Yesterday, residents and staff at Rose Schnitzer Manor said goodbye to our dear friend, Edna. She is adored and respected by all who had the opportunity to work with her. Edna Woods was joined by over 35 residents and staff in the Rosenfeld Lobby to share stories and eat cake.

David Kohnstromm, spoke about Edna’s infectious smile, love, and dedication for the residents. A few people shared memories, and one individual proclaimed “no one mentioned her beauty and grace yet!” Others clapped and smiled demonstrating they feel the same way. A gift of a beautiful necklace was presented as a token of Rose Schnitzer Manor’s dwellers appreciation. The room was filled with love, heartfelt goodbyes, tears, and well wishes.

Edna started her career 15 years ago as a receptionist, and her passion lead her to working with health services having more direct connections with the occupants. The skills she learned at Cedar Sinai Park will continue to serve her as she moves back to Connecticut to be a care giver for her mother. She is excited to join her siblings for family dinners and excursions to the movies. We are going to miss her and wish her the best of luck for her future!

Edna and Dorris laughing about their shared time together.

Edna and Dorris laughing about their shared time together.

Edna showing her new necklace and saying her goodbyes.

Edna showing her new necklace and saying her goodbyes.

Kehillah House Next Chapter, Applications Now Available

Cedar Sinai Park is excited that applications are now available for our Kehillah House! This venture started as a concept ten years ago and now the building is coming to life in front of our eyes. We anticipate the completion of the building this summer and residents moving into the facility during the fall.

Applications are available here. They must be hand delivered to Cedar Sinai Park staff on July 9, 2013 between the hours of 11:00am to 7:00pm.  They will be accepted at the Courtyard Portland Beaverton, which is located at 8500 SW Nimbus Avenue in Beaverton, Oregon. Please help us spread the word to those who might be interested in the community.

Kehillah House 6/12/2013

Kehillah House 6/12/2013


Pending application approval, the residents will be chosen on a first come first served basis. David Kohnstamm, Rose Schnitzer Manor Administrator and point person for Kehillah House, is excited to welcome the first group of residents and help meet the need in our community. The team has a resident service plan backbone, but David points out that “it is hard to put a system in place for a group of people we do not know. We look forward to working with them to establish activities, needs, and ways we can be supportive.”

An important component of the Kehillah Housing is the focus on supporting residents’ inclusion into the community through social activities and supported employment. In addition, life skills training will be available to assist residents with their successful transition. Cedar Sinai Park hopes to partner with Kehillah House by providing transportation for residents to visit the grocery store and Jewish Community Center. Hopefully, a partnership with Rose Schnitzer Manor will provide volunteer and job opportunities for the residents of Kehillah House.

We are proud to expand our reach by providing affordable housing for adults with disabilities!

Keeping Up With The News


Sharon & Priscilla laughing about their memories of drive in movies.

Sharon & Priscilla laughing about their memories of drive in movies.


Every morning at Cedar Sinai Park’s Adult Day Services program a review of the news occurs. A discussion of the big new stories as well as what has happened in the past on this date, kicks off the day. Daily the staff will introduce themselves, remind people of the date, and provide the weekly weather forecast.

This routine is comforting to the participants as they know that it will happen each time they come in. As many people have read newspapers their entire lives, it is an opportunity to continue their habits. Nancy Heckler, Program Coordinator, mentions that the news hour stimulates memories that encourages reminiscing and thoughts about current events that leads to great conversations.

Recently, the Adult Day Services has utilized technology to make this daily activity more interactive. They have an IPad that syncs up to a television that shows images to the entire group at once. This device enables the staff to find on-demand information about facts, songs or images to share in quickly. Often, these ques help the participants remember stories of their past.

Last week, we talked about Portland’s Junior Rose Parade and saw images of the Portland youth who were dressed in costumes and participating in marching bands. We then discussed the history of drive in movies, the first opened in 1933. Images of movie posters, tickets, and old cars filled the screen. A lively conversation about drive in movies brought to light the love of popcorn and the chance to neck.

The news hour wrapped up with opening the floor to the participants to share stories that they had heard or read recently and a snack of cookies and juice. What a great daily tradition!

Roger is enjoying the news about current events

Roger is enjoying the news about current events