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Making Art(ists) in Three Dimensions

Mike Mogell With 3D Art Beginner Shelley Petcher

3D Art class instructor Mike Mogell (right) with beginner artist Shelley Petcher

Creativity at Cedar Sinai Park reaches into multiple dimensions.

Once a month Rose Schnitzer Manor resident Mike Mogell convenes a 3D Art class, which turns the Arts and Crafts Room at Rose Schnitzer Manor into a collage of works in various stages of completion.

In essence, 3D art involves layering copies of a photograph on top of each other with a glue to create a three-dimensional effect. Mike helps fellow residents attending the class navigate the technique and master the tools of the trade like scissors and scalpels.

According to one of the participants, the 3D Art class is one of the busiest creativity activities around.

Participants in the June 1 class included newbie Shelley Petcher and resident Martha Pomeranz’s daughter Diane Rosenstein. Resident Helen Sachs added yet another dimension to the class when she proclaimed, “Mike made me an artist!”

You can find the finished pieces on display at the Brown Activity Room, on the Manor’s 3rd floor.