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Manor Resident Overcomes Stroke Effects to Make Art

Elaine Kaufman (left) paints a landscape with art teacher Anita Apperley

Rose Schnitzer Manor resident and lifelong artist Elaine Kaufman says she likes to keep busy: even a stroke could not stop her from making art.

In the past, Elaine explored forms like sculpture and needle point. She has received recognition for her artistic accomplishments: she was a finalist in last year’s Ageless Art contest with her needle point creation “The Queen.”

After the stroke partly paralyzed her right side and she lost the ability to use her dominant hand, she learned to use her left hand to paint small landscapes. Inspiration for particular land comes from magazines, newspapers, or calendars.

For two hours every week for the past year, art teacher and therapist Anita Apperley has been visiting with Elaine to practice painting. Anita owns an art studio in Portland. She teaches an art class for differently-abled children and sculpts realistic Santas.

As a result of the weekly instruction, Elaine says, “I’m getting better all the time.”

Adult Day Services Program Launches Mitzvah Projects

A new activity at the Adult Day Services program keeps seniors stimulated while doing good for the community. Today Kim O’Malley led the first of many Mitzvah projects. Program participants made Pecos Pasta, which will be delivered to Janus Greenhouse, an emergency center for homeless youth in Portland.

Asked what message we can send to the youth with the meal, participant Ruth Shlachter said, “This is a nourishment for you. We hope you find this valuable and delightful.”

(Photos by Nancy Heckler)

“Oy Baby” by Betty Leonard

Yad B’Yad, formerly known as Oy Baby!, is a regular Friday morning program at Rose Schnitzer Manor that brings together little kids and elders. With her guitar and props, musician Kim Palumbis shares the joy of Jewish music with young children from the community and Manor residents through playful songs, dance, and instruments. The program is one of the most popular ones with the residents. So much so, that Betty Leonard, who participates regularly, wrote a poem dedicated to Kim and the program:

Whoops! Here comes a baby!
And a mama too
Let’s get the balls and scarves
And play peek-a-boo!

Whoops! Here comes another baby
And a gramma too!
Let’s count your fingers
And reach high for the sky
Or be like a snail, crouched down low
Let’s sing and dance or shall we fly?

Whoops! Here comes another baby!
And a daddy too!
Let’s make music for dad
With drums for you!
And you! And you!
Before we hug Kim
And stroke her guitar too…

Let’s put the toys away
Balls go here, and scarves go there.
For another day

Now let’s rest and maybe sleep
And be quiet (shhh) without a peep.

Now it’s time to say farewell
To mamas, daddys and grammas too
Until Friday, when we meet
Please come back soon to greet
All of you… And you… And you!

Yad B’Yad Schedule

The program returns on April 20th. The program poster is here.

The Appeal of Purim Spiel

Purim Poster ADSWe cordially invite you to this year’s Purim Spiels at Cedar Sinai Park! On Thursday, March 8, two Purim Spiels will take place on our campus. Join us at 1:30 pm at the Robison Jewish Health Center Living Room and at 6:45 pm at Zidell Hall, Rose Schnitzer Manor.

Purim Spiel: The Radio Show

The Robison Purim Spiel is a result of a collaboration between the Activities Department and Adult Day Services. ADS Program Coordinator Nancy Heckler said she and her staff had wanted to put on a play with the program participants for a long time. As part of their programming, they’ve been reading radio show using old scripts. So when Assistant Activity Director Ann Martinez mentioned she was seeking a program for Purim, ADS Program Assistant Jennifer Felberg came up with the idea: perform a Purim Spiel as a radio show.

Jen wrote new, Purim-related lyrics for old-time tunes. Under Jen’s direction, the program participants will star in a costumes galore featuring Haman (boo!), Queen Esther, and lots of music, including “I’m Meshugga for Mordi” (to the tune of “I’m Just Wild About Harry”). The performance will also involve the audience: everyone will get a script and prompts.

Following the 45-minute performance, Jemi Kastiner-Mansfield will read the “Whole Magilla” in Hebrew. A reception with hamentaschen and snacks will cap the fun-filled afternoon.

Nancy said, “The collaboration between ADS and Activities is very exciting. A program like this has never taken place before on this scale.”

Remember: Thursday March 8, 1:30 pm at the Robison Living Room!

Purim Spiel: The Musical

The Rose Schnitzer Manor Spiel features music from Broadway shows and the Cedar Sinai Park Theatrical Group, which comprises Manor residents. A resident’s son, Gabriel Hunter-Bernstein, wrote the script and seasoned RSM theater veteran Evelyn Hirsch directs.

Remember: Thursday March 8, 6:45 pm at Zidell Hall, Rose Schnitzer Manor!

“Simple Pleasures”, a Poem by Adult Day Services Participants

To be safe on the comfy bed
Safe from falling
Special babies sitting in laps
Unconditional love from little dogs
Wonderful feelings all over
Relaxing in an old easy chair
Fine and content laughing with friends
Getting together for a simple meal
To eat
Delicious balls of hot Gefilte fish
The cheesy noodles of Italian food
Experiencing a job well done
To look good after a day of spoiling at the hair salon
The joys of a fine hat
Perfection shows when taking the time to dress up

Although these things are simple
They are still important
To these things we say
Thank you