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Getting ready for Chanukah

The decorations are starting to up at the Robison Jewish Health Center in preparation for Chanukah!collage

Residents of Robison and participants in Adult Day Services are looking forward to some of the things they love most about the holiday, including:

  • Latkes (with or without apple sauce),
  • The chance to light the candles on the Menorah and saying the appropriate blessings each night,
  • Fancy cakes,
  • The joy of seeing wonderful children,
  • The game of Dreidl,
  • Gelt coins filled with chocolate

Rose Schnitzer Manor Resident Art Show

Residents of Rose Schnitzer Manor recently participated in an afternoon of art and appetizers! Zidell Hall was filled with RSM residents enjoying wine, appetizers, piano music, each others’ company and most especially art work made by their talented neighbors!


Around 30 residents submitted artwork in various mediums. There are so many great people living at Rose Schnitzer Manor and some really great artists too!  All in all, it was a wonderful resident art show. Thanks to everyone who submitted their art and all who attended.


We bid RCF Farewell

The needs of the aging population are changing and Cedar Sinai Park is changing with them. CSP is committed to helping elders age in place whenever possible and to this end, we are committed to new models of care. We will break ground in July on construction of households where we will provide long-term care and memory care; a three-story one for acute care and a one-story memory care facility. Robison will later be fully renovated to provide state-of-the-art rehabilitative care.

As part of our process going forward with building the new Harold Schnitzer Health & Rehabilitation Care Center and renovating our current building, the two halls which comprised the Residential Care Unit have been closed. All of the residents of the Residential Care Unit were able to either move to Rose Schnitzer Manor or a room in the nursing home at Robison. A small number of residents relocated to other facilities.

To honor all of the wonderful residents and staff, as well as the journey of the Residential Care Unit, an “Honoring the Journey Tea” was held in late May. The farewell event was attended by RCF residents (then current and former), family, friends and staff of the unit. Speakers at the event included Jack Honey, Robison Jewish Health Center Administrator and Dorcas Kish, RCF Health Services Coordinator.

Here are Dorcas’s comments from the day:“

Honoring the Journey” 

…I attended a conference several years ago in Washington, D.C.  The conference began with the question: “Are you ready to answer the call for Culture Change?”

After the conference, I was excited to share my new knowledge! My administrator was excited too and she challenged us to start the journey of Cultural Change on the RCF.

We accepted her challenge and started with simple changes, such as setting up breakfast in the Solarium for residents that wanted to sleep late (as they should in their Golden Years).

This led us to patient-centered care. We began to learn more about our current residents, as well as new ones, by simply saying: “Tell me about yourself.”

Quickly we learned about their families, how they met their spouse, their children, their previous occupations, and much more.  Then we would ask for details about their typical day, what time they liked to wake up, when and how often they wanted to shower, when they liked to go to bed, and what they might want a little help with in their daily lives.

We began to include residents in more decision-making, including things such as the creation of our unit’s mission statement, new staff hires, and service plans. We ended our journey this June with resident-directed care.

We had fun while we worked — it was caring with love and respect — for residents we were honored to serve.  Some fun times included “Mother Tea Parties” where our creative and wonderful nurse Judy brought in some of her antique doll collection and china set. It was like having friends and family over for tea. So as not to leave out the men, we held “Father Breakfast Time” with our staff coming in to set up and cook. “Sports Night” was fun as well with a trophy awarded and special dinner served in Levi Dining room.

I want to personally thank all of the staff of RCF for accepting the challenge of Resident directed care and for providing amazing care … with love. It has been a wonderful journey!

Purls of Wisdom group gives knitted gifts!

Rose Schnitzer Manor has it’s own knitting group called, The Purls of Wisdom. The knitters regularly donate their creations to various causes. Most recently, they have donated 25 hats for cancer patients to Compass Oncology.

Purls of Wisdom Hats Jan12

Group member and Manor resident Annette Gerard has previously said that knitting for charity projects is “a nice way to keep busy and accomplish something at the same time.” It is also a Jewish tradition … part of Tikun Olam (caring for the earth and the people on it).

Amazingly, with this latest donation, the group has now given 1800 knitted items to charity!

Thanks to all the members of the Purls of Wisdom for your handmade gifts from the heart!

Congrats to our LeadingAge Oregon Creative Writing Contest Winners!

We are thrilled to announce that several Cedar Sinai Park residents were selected as winners in the  LeadingAge Oregon Creative Writing Contest this year. Talented residents of Robison Jewish Health Center and Rose Schnitzer Manor have been participating in the program for many years.

“A written word is the choicest of relics.

It is something at once more intimate with us

and more universal than any other work of art.

It is the work of art nearest to life itself.”

Henry David Thoreau

Cedar Sinai Park is proud to announce the winners from our community who submitted entries in the LeadingAge Oregon Creative Writing Contest. Winners enjoyed a luncheon and presentation of their writings recently, along with other winners from non-profit senior healthcare facilities throughout the state.

Winners from Robison and Rose Schnitzer are:


Barbara Becker Donnner

Rose Schnitzer Manor
Sam Berry, Florence L. Blitch, Marion E. Gans,Martha M. Pomeranz,  Bob L. Lustberg,

Please take a moment to enjoy the winning entry of Bob Lustberg who introduced his piece by telling the audience “If you are under 80, please leave the room”…a bit of humor to set the tone for his take on “Sex Education in the 1920s”.

Sex Education in the 1920’s by Bob Lustberg11029529_1591555911081014_8097124486193437267_o

On July 5, 1925, when I was 5 years old, my mom gave birth to her second child, my brother, Arch. The big event took place at the Bedford Maternity Hospital, which happened to be located just beyond the right field wall of the once hallowed and now defunct Ebbets Field.

My father took me to visit mother in the hospital. I recall standing by her bedside thinking how wonderful she looked holding the tiny bundle of a baby. “Papa,” I asked, “where did the baby come from?”

Now, I should tell you that my father was not a very communicative person. For as long as I knew him, he rarely initiated conversation. In fact, he spoke only when spoken to. His answers to questions were always brief, and if a head movement or hand signal would suffice, he seemed to prefer that sort of response. The question put to my dad by his 5-year old son stopped him cold, and he was his usual silent self for the next few minutes.

Finally he said, “Let’s go up to the roof and watch the ball game.” Up on the roof, we had an excellent view of the game that was in progress.

“Bobby,” my dad said, “yesterday Babe Herman hit a home run. That ball came over the wall and through the window of your mother’s room and there was your brother.” This was the end of my sex education lesson.

Was the explanation thrilling? You bet! Did it make sense to me? And how! In any case, my question was answered, and from that point on, my father considered my sex education complete.

Celebrating Purim in Style at Robison

We had quite the week at the Robison Jewish Health Center last week! In celebrating Purim, we first made hamantaschen (ate some too)…



…then resident’s put on this year’s Purim Spiel and it was a hit!



Rose Schnitzer Manor resident Evelyn Hirsch wrote the script and Life Enrichment Director Jennifer Felberg wrote the parodies. The Robison residents were supported by both Jennifer and Resident Care Manager Ronnie Schecter for introductions, narration and technical needs.