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Robison Resident Shares Life Through Poetry

Robison Jewish Health Center resident Inez Weissman has shared a poem with us and encouraged us to pass it along. Asked about her inspiration for writing, Inez said, “I write about that which is most familiar–my family, my world. I write that life is beautiful until the moment you’re struck down and you have to pick yourself up.”

Inez’s poem “A Natural Event” is included in this year’s “Reflections: A Collection of Writing and Poetry by Oregon’s Elders,” published by LeadingAge Oregon (find two other selections by Cedar Sinai Park residents here).

A Natural Event

In the beginning, the giving birth
with pain and joy,
filled with love and tenderness,
the future bright, together
sharing dreams to come.

Hand in hand we live
with laughter and tears,
filling our days as we
confront what is and plan for
what will be.

The children grow,
bringing joy and pride, and
soon they leave.
Once again, we have time
for each other’s love.

Then nature does what nature does.
It says “enough” and declares
that the end must come,
and death arrives to claim
its own.

Yes, the end is here,
undreamed of,
unprepared for,
The dreaded reality.

Manor Resident Advocates for the Environment

Murray Kaufman in his office at Rose Schnitzer Manor

Rose Schnitzer Manor resident Murray Kaufman, 94, considers himself an environmental activist. The May 9 New York Times op-ed article “Game Over for the Climate,” by James Hansen, spurred Murray to advocate among residents and staff to prevent Canada from exploiting its tar sand reserves. The article outlines the potential short- and long-term consequences of the increase in carbon emissions that extracting oil from Canada’s vast tar deposits would wreak. Murray has written a letter to the President (and received a response from the White House) and his legislators in Congress.

“I want people to become activists,” Murray said. “and write to Washington politicians.”

A Lifetime of Environmental Advocacy

Murray fondly remembers his first foray into environmental advocacy. In the late 1950’s, he taught science at Roslyn High School, East Hills, New York. In 1957 he discovered that a nearby lake was being polluted by a factory two miles away and that the pertinent law had a loophole allowing the company “to get away with it.”

He spent an entire school year with kids in his class writing alternative regulations that, if passed, would close the loopholes. He showed the drafts to a local assemblyman, who was so impressed that he introduced a bill in state legislature.

“It took another three or four years to get the law passed,” Murray said. But sitting in the assembly hall gallery watching legislators discuss their work felt very empowering for the kids.

In subsequent years Murray developed courses on the environment. Once he even took seniors to Washington, D.C., to meet with lawmakers. He said, “Long after graduation kids would stop me on the street, telling me they went into environment-related careers because of my classes.”

All his life Murray has worked tirelessly to alert people to the dangers facing the environment. Today, he strives to energize Manor residents to stand against tar sand exploitation. To join Murray in his quest, email us and we’ll forward your message to him.

Happy Birthday in June!

Rose Schnitzer Manor residents who celebrate their birthdays in May enjoyed a birthday party on Monday, June 11, 2012, at the Goodman Dining Room.

Charlotte Wiener enjoying the party

  • 2 – Charlie Rosenblum
  • 4 – Charlotte Wiener
  • 6 – Margaret Labby
  • 7 – Edna Gluth
  • 8 – Leonore Weston
  • 13 – Sol Menashe
  • 23 – Gloria Polonsky
  • 28 – Martha Pomeranz

Happy Birthday in May!

Resident Murray Kaufman enjoying the May birthday party, Rose Schnitzer Manor, 5/14/12

Rose Schnitzer Manor residents who celebrate their birthdays in May enjoyed a birthday party on Monday, May 14th, 2012, at the Goodman Dining Room.

  • 1 – Murray Kaufman
  • 5 – Sylvia Goldfarb
  • 5 – Ruth Henning
  • 6 – Barbara Smith
  • 13 – Patricia Archer
  • 13 – Arnold Silver
  • 16 – Selma Moss
  • 18 – Molly Tullin
  • 25 – Jack Strauss

Happy Birthday in March!

Rose Schnitzer Manor residents who celebrate their birthdays in March enjoyed a birthday party on Monday, March 5th, 2012, at the Goodman Dining Room.

  • Rosa Barnatan
  • Al David
  • Linda David
  • Sara Dembrow
  • Mrs. Eiseman
  • Roz Garfinkel
  • Arnold Hopfer
  • Suzanne Liberman
  • Pax Paxton
  • Lois Poplack
  • Helen Rosner
  • Sandy Seres
  • Marianne Strauss
  • Alice Sumida
  • David Yellin

2012 RSM March Birthday Party 030512

Celebrating Purim with Gift-Giving

Last Sunday, March 4th, 37 Rose Schnitzer Manor residents gathered in the Goodman Dining Room  at the behest of David Singer to assemble Shaloch Manos gift bags for Purim. They filled 300 bags with cookies and candies, and this morning (the morning of Purim) they delivered them to each of their fellow resident’s apartment. Activities and Adult Day Services staff helped out at the Robison Jewish Health Center building, bringing the gift bags to residents, participants, and caregivers.

Giving a gift of food to friends, new members of the community, and those in need, known as “Mishloach Manot” (often shortened to “Shalach Manot” or “Shalach Manos”) is one of the nicest Purim traditions. One should give a gift of two different types of food, one of which is prepared (cooked or baked), to at least one person. Gift-giving helps to create a feeling of closeness and hope in the community at a time of the year when we are still burdened with the bleakness of winter. There are many different ways to actually give Shalach Manot. Some people create elaborate baskets and personally deliver them to friends and family. Others create simple gifts by putting a few hamantaschen and some candy into a plastic bag and tying it with ribbon.