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Chicken Soup for the Home Seller’s Soul

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Presented by Rose Schnitzer Manor

on Sunday, January 26, 1:00 – 2:30pm, in Zidell Hall

The event will feature two local real estate specialists, Alexis Halmy, Principal Broker with Windermere Real Estate, and Rachel Mohlere, founder of Senior Specific Consulting Group.  They will cover a wide range of topics related to home selling, downsizing and more.

Alexis is a Seniors Real Estate Specialist and is in the top 5% of all Portland Metro realtors.  She has helped many people, including her own mother, negotiate the issues involved in making a move later in life.  Alexis will discuss the current Portland real estate market:

·             Is this a good time to buy or sell?

·             The three things you need to know about choosing a realtor

·             How to price your home in today’s market


Rachel is a Seniors Real Estate Specialist and is the creator and director of a housing transition advisory and support program for older adult homeowners.  She will discuss the move from home ownership to community living:


·             Understanding the logistics of selling and moving

·             Professional help you may not know exists

·             A positive perspective on this lifestyle choice

This event is free and open to the community.  To RSVP, please call 503.535.4004 or email

Tu B’Shevat

Tu B'ShevatOn the full moon or fifteenth of the month of Shevat, we celebrate the New Year of the trees. Fifteen in Hebrew letters is tu and so we call the day Tu B’Shevat.  While Tu B’Shevat has always been considered a minor festival, it has gained new significance in recent years as an environmental celebration of the natural world. If we ask the right questions, Tu B’Shevat can lead us to a greater understanding of ourselves and our relationship with the rest of Creation.

In the time of the rabbis of the Mishnah and the Talmud, Tu B’Shevat was not a holiday, but a legal date to regulate tithing and other agricultural obligations mentioned in the Torah. It began a kind of “fiscal” year for trees.

With the destruction of the Temple in Jerusalem, Tu B’Shevat no longer had legal meaning, and was not observed. By the sixteenth century, however, Kabbalists (Jewish mystics) living in the northern Israeli town of Safed created a Tu B’Shevat Seder.

The Seder includes a series of blessings over various fruits, nuts, and combinations of white and red wine or grape juice, which symbolize the seasons and God’s presence in the natural world. The Kabbalists noted that humans had been cast out of the Garden of Eden because they ate a forbidden fruit. They believed that by eating fruit on Tu B’Shevat with profound kavannah (intention), we can make a tikkun (repair) for all our eating, elevating it to a spiritual activity.

~ Abby

by Rabbi Abby Cohen, Director of Spiritual Life

Model Railroads Visit Adult Day Programming

A visitor from Portland Area N-trak, a group of N scale model railroaders came to visit attendees of Cedar Sinai Park’s Adult Day Program. A traveling layout with multiple modules was a fun attraction for all. We learned about the history of the railroad and model trains. The Alpenrose Dairy Museum has an open house Sundays from 1- 4pm to showcase the model railroads. The ice cream parlor is also found at this location.

IMG_6562 IMG_6545Adult Day Program participants enjoyed learning about the railroad system and sharing their stories. We heard people discuss friends they knew who worked on the trains and memories about personal travels. The sounds of the models going around the track brought smiles to individuals’ faces. We highly enjoyed having Portland Area N-track’s visit and we hope they will come again.

Lucio & Irene Villa Memorial Scholarship awarded to our staff

Congratulations to our Lucio and Irene Villa Memorial Scholarship Fund Award recipients! Last Wednesday, Cedar Sinai Park had a recognition ceremony for the staff who received the scholarship. Irene Villa came to Rose Schnitzer Manor after the loss of her husband, Lucio.  Irene was an active resident and enjoyed the company of her dear friends and caregivers.  She truly appreciated the kindness she experienced while living at the Manor. The fund was created in 2006 for employees wishing to further their education in the field of nursing, geriatrics, or related disciplines. The ceremony took place at an all staff meeting where the awardees received certificates from Jeff Reingold. Jeff and his wife, Francine, started this fun to honor the staff who gave their cousin, Irene, excellent care.

David Fuks and Kimberly Fuson gave heartfelt speeches about how impressive the employees are and happy to see them invest in education. This year we recognized Elia Huanca-Roman who is a Med Aid, Usiel Solis who is a server, Janneth de Andres who is a Certified Nursing Assistant, Pina Ibabao the Assistant Health Services Director, Polina Munblit who works in culinary, and Susan Dilla a Certified Nursing Assistant. This scholarship is available to all staff, and we encourage anyone of interest to participate. Please click on the image below to look at the slideshow.

Irene possessed a genuine enthusiasm for learning and it is CSP’s honor to continue her legacy of learning and to nurture the education of our outstanding staff.We are honored that our employees are inspired to further their careers and we are able to help them reach their educational goals.

Health Fair for All

IMG_6851 IMG_6857

Last week, Cedar Sinai Park’s Affordable Housing buildings hosted Health Fairs. Each of the four buildings, spent an afternoon sharing knowledge and resources with their residents. The vendors provided information about health insurance, retirement savings, and taking the patron’s blood sugar levels.

Oregon Food Bank had a table to inform residents of the programs they offer, many healthy food recipes, and sample shopping list to stay within a budget. The five healthy snacks were examples of the recipes they will teach interested tenets in their upcoming cooking class. The 1200 building will be partnering with Oregon Food Bank to offer a 7 week free cooking class this winter. The class emphasizes healthy food on a budget and provides attendees with a free bag of groceries at the end of each session.

Elder Place Oregon, AARP,  and CareOregon Advantage were also represented at the Health Fair. There was a well attended Health and Wellness Bingo that was a great learning tool. The residents were appreciative of the opportunity to spend time with their neighbors and the use of their shared space for hosting events. We are thankful to our staff for taking the time to set up a successful Health and Wellness fair. Mazel Tov!

Lake Oswego teens volunteering for the week

Everyone enjoys Bingo Time!The group of 15 teens, ages 12- 17, hanging out on Cedar Sinai Park’s campus this week have brought great joy to our residents. They have shared stories, played bingo, and enjoyed a BBQ. Lake Oswego Teen Service is a camp that teaches teenagers the importance of volunteering. It is a great exposure to different sectors of society and the needs of our community.

Today, they shared in a BBQ lunch with residents from Rose Schnitzer Manor. Yesterday, they lead the seniors at Robison Jewish Health Center in a lively game of bingo. The youth have been exposed to how elderly care organizations work and the needs of the residents. They have heard fun stories about the residents’ high school experiences and where they took their classic cars. The annual classic car show was a big success drawing attention from all over campus.

Our residents love having young faces around and talking about their grandchildren. We look forward to having the Teen Service back again next year.

Hanging out at the old car show.

Hanging out at the old car show.