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Celebrating 2011 Volunteer of the Year Arnold Silver

We are proud to announce that Oregon Alliance of Senior & Health Services’ Jim Edwards Volunteer Recognition Program recognized Rose Schnitzer Manor resident Arnold Silver as the 2011 Volunteer of Year. The recognition ceremony took place on April 27th, 2011, in Salem at the Alliance’s annual Volunteer Recognition Luncheon.

Arnie Silver: From Resident to Volunteer

David Kohnstamm with Arnie Silver

Rose Schnitzer Manor administrator David Kohnstamm with 2011 Volunteer of the Year Arnie Silver

Arnold Silver, better known as Arnie to all the staff and residents at Cedar Sinai Park, moved to Rose Schnitzer Manor in July 2006. Because he soon recognized the importance of support in a new environment, he joined the Hospitality Committee. Arnie supports the co-chairs by greeting new residents, introducing them to their neighbors, and always saying hello in the hallway or dining room. As a rule, Arnie always uses the person’s name, not only to recognize them as an individual but to better others remember that name. Arnie helps new residents feel at home.

Arnie practiced law for over 35 years and his heart to help people continues in his volunteering. He acts as an informal legal advisor for many residents, encouraging them to follow up with legal counsel or research information online. Arnie is a wealth of information directing residents to legal aid services, online services, where to find information on a certain topic, etc. He only takes easy questions, such as, “Should one notarize a will?”, and he’s careful to stay within ethical boundaries. He acts as a resource for residents, which has gained him much respect.

In 2009 Arnie was voted Rose Schnitzer Manor Resident Council President. During his tenure he has also temporarily taken over the infamous Food Committee and temporarily filled in as Hospitality Chair until a replacement could be found. Arnie continues to make sure information and answers to residents continue to flow smoothly and accurately.

When not busy with the Resident Council or the monthly board meeting, Arnie serves on the Employee of the Quarter Nomination Committee, the Rose Schnitzer Manor Lobby Remodel Committee, and the weekly Administrator’s Advisory Committee. He averages 10-12 hours of volunteer hours each month.

Arnie is a familiar face each day, holding court in his hallway chair, listening, nodding, and encouraging residents to take action or to relax and watch events unfold. He often advises to go to bed, sleep on it, and see what the next day brings. He reminds residents that, while things can seem important to them, they should remember to look at the grander scheme of things and appreciate life’s little gifts. As a result, when asked who they would nominate for this year’s award, resident after resident spoke of Arnie’s formal and informal hours of volunteer services and recommended him.

About Oregon Alliance of Senior & Health Services

For more than 30 years, the Oregon Alliance of Senior & Health Services has been the voice of quality long-term care in the state. Representing not-for-profit organizations that are dedicated to providing housing, health care and related services to the elderly and disabled, we are committed to meeting the professional needs of our members. The Volunteer of the Year Luncheon, started in 1995, honors residents from participating facilities, who have been selected by his or her peers, as an outstanding volunteer both in the senior housing community and in the surrounding community at large. Honorees are recognized at a luncheon feauring a slide presentation of their work and a display of collages representing them at work. The Volunteer Recognition Luncheon is held annually during the month of April.

The story about Arnie generously provided by Kathy Tipsord, Cedar Sinai Park Community Program Director. Alliance information can be found at