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This state-of-the-art health center is soon to be a reality—thanks to people like you.

Donate Online to Dignity by DesignAt Cedar Sinai Park, building a new health center is a labor of love that we want to share with our entire community. We will build an excellent rehabilitation center to help people back on their feet so they can return home. Long-term care will also be provided in beautiful residential settings—thanks to the generous gifts from many. But we’re not quite there yet. We need you.

The plan is twofold.

First, we’ll build the Harold Schnitzer Health Center for Living, which will provide four new households in two beautiful buildings attached to our beloved Robison Jewish Health Center. It will be a beautiful care community with four 12-bedroom residences designed to truly be home. These communities will foster dignity, privacy and independence for people experiencing long-term illnesses or disabling conditions, all in a warm, loving setting that is welcoming to their friends and family.

Second, as the households are completed, current residents of the Robison Jewish Health Center will move into their brand-new homes and a major renovation will begin at Robison. This full renovation will ensure that everyone has a private bedroom and shower – ideal for rehabilitation services – and may also be useful for long-term care.

In addition to providing the highest quality medical services and therapies, the entire health care complex is being designed for easy access to natural features and will offer inviting spaces where families can visit their loved ones. See the architectural drawings below.

The total fundraising goal for these ambitious projects is $19,350,000, and we’ve already raised $18,266,185.88 – there’s just a little more than $1,000,000 left to raise. The time is now. Please help us reach our goal by calling (503) 535-4422 or filling out the form on the right.