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Quality of life — a smile, the sound of laughter, and a sense of belonging — resides at the heart and soul of activities programming at Robison. Whether our residents are on an expedition to the coast or are listening to a live, on-campus music performance, our elders continue to share, listen, and live as important members of the local community.

We provide engaging and appropriate group activities adjusted to the needs, abilities and interests of our residents to encourage self-esteem and feelings of success and belonging. We offer community outings and on-campus activities ranging from yoga and music therapy to roadtrips to the Oregon coast. With a creative and energetic activities staff, new outings and events are scheduled each week based on residents’ interests. Our services and activities play an integral role in enriching community, friendships, and dignity among our residents.

A sample of our activities…

Roadtrips & Outdoor Adventures

  • Trips to the coast
  • Fishing excursions
  • Casino visits
  • Wine country tours
  • Sternwheeler cruises

Treks into Downtown Portland

  • Visits to museums and art galleries
  • Concerts, musicals and theaters
  • Sports events

On-Campus Activities

  • Barbeques
  • Annual Classic Car Show
  • Red Hat Society social club
  • Yoga
  • Wii games
  • Zoomobile
  • Resident art show
  • Rose Festival Coronation
  • Intergenerational activities

Our activities are designed for those who are the most mobile to those who are the least mobile. At Robison, no senior is left behind.

Life Enrichment Event Calendars

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