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Top 10 FAQs about The Green House Project® & CSP


Q:      Why did we choose The Green House® Project rather than a traditional nursing home model?

A:      For Robison Jewish Home dba.Cedar Sinai Park The Green House Project is a natural progression of our philosophy to treat everyone with love, honor, and respect. The Green House Project creates an environment that doesn’t just feel like home, but truly is home, built on the premise that all residents should be able to make decisions that shape how they live each precious day. As leaders in aging services, we are proud that we are opening the first Green House home in Oregon.

Q:      Will we be Jewish?

A:      Absolutely. We will continue to honor the Jewish values and practices that the Robison Home was founded upon. The values that shape us make us an ideal place to live, whatever your spiritual and religious practice may be.

Q:      Will we keep Kosher on campus?

A:      Yes, we will follow the traditional laws of Kashrut in all public spaces at Cedar Sinai Park. Each Green House home will have separate dairy and meat kitchens for daily meal preparation and food storage. Residents may keep and consume whatever type of food they choose within their own private rooms and within the communal den.

Q:      When will the new buildings open?

A:      The single-story building on the west side of campus will open in late July or early August. The three-story, north building is expected to open in early 2017.

Q:      What will happen to Robison Jewish Health Center?

A:      Robison Jewish Health Center will become a state of the art, short term rehabilitation center for post-acute care. Every room will be a beautiful private room with its own shower, double-licensed for both nursing and rehabilitation to maximize flexibility. Renovation will be done in stages and will be complete late 2017 or early 2018.

Q:      What will residents be allowed to have in their bedrooms?

A:      Each bedroom will come furnished with a bed, dresser, nightstand, and chair. Residents are welcome to personalize their rooms with their own furniture and possessions as long as they meet the state-mandated safety regulations.

Q:      Will there be a memory care unit?

A:      There will not be a dedicated memory care unit on campus; however, we anticipate that the Green House home will be able to safely include residents with varying levels of cognitive ability. Decisions will be made on a case-by-case basis to ensure the best quality of care for each individual.

Q:      Will there be an area where residents and their families can sit and visit?

A:      Each individual Green House home will have a living room, dining room, and a den suitable for multiple guests to gather. In addition, the remodeled Robison Jewish Health Center will have ample public spaces and an event room.

Q:      What types of payment/insurance will be accepted?

A:      We accept private pay and Medicaid for those living in The Green House homes. Medicare and Medicare Advantage Plans are accepted at Robison Jewish Health Center for short-term rehabilitation services.

Q:      Who will be moving into the new Green House homes?

A:      We will, of course, honor our commitment to care for the current residents living within our community. Our first goal is to move those living in the Intermediate Care (long-term) section of Robison Jewish Health Center into the Green House homes. Rose Schnitzer Manor residents will have priority after appropriate Robison Jewish Health Center residents are moved in.

Q:      Is there a wait list for the Green House homes?

A:      Yes, there is a wait list. At this time the wait list is full. Once the current residents have moved into their new Green House homes, more information will be available regarding the wait list.

Building Kehillah


Yesterday, we went ATVing and spent time at different locations learning about current security issues – what struck me the most was not the specifics of the day, but how the difference between letting loose and having playful time with the ATV coupled with the somber information shared along with some personal stories really seemed to me to be the day that our group started to come together, in community – kehillah.

We come from different paths, different locations, but this journey has brought us together in ways we would of not otherwise had the option of doing. And as we come together and share, we see we have many similarities, we move past those initial differences, we learn we have deep previously unknown connections.

I am even reconnecting with one of my MBA professors who is also on the Mission! Amy and I are so very grateful for this opportunity, we have grown and learned so much.

Thank you Federation for making it possible.


Original post on Jewish Federation of Greater Portland Website.


It’s Magic!

It's Magic Facebook Cover

Tickets are disappearing – you don’t want to miss out!

Cedar Sinai Park’s annual event to benefit the residents of Robison Jewish Health Center will be the event of the spring and we want you there!

Seating is limited – $118 per person – Saturday, April 2nd, 2016 Six thirty in the evening.


With your help, we can help aid in providing care to impoverished residents in the Health Center. It is noteworthy that Medicaid covers approximately 50% of care costs. This, coupled with residents in need of higher levels of service and rising care costs result in a reimbursement shortfall. By attending this magical event, you can join our growing list of sponsors and join the wonderful effort to Love, Honor and Respect the elders of Robison.

Come and enjoy a magic show by Hart Keene. Read more about Magician and Illusionist Hart Keene in the latest issue of Oregon Jewish Life Magazine.



IMG_3824The evening will also include:LIG_rev_3

  • Jazz music by Tom Grant
  • Fine Dining
  • Wonderful Cocktails






The Green House® Project

The Green House® project



The Green House® model was started more than a decade ago to transform long-term care and bring it into the 21st century. They have embedded their vision to move away from institutionalized-looking settings and create real homes while maintaining an excellent quality of life and care in all parts of the United States.

At Cedar Sinai Park, we have adopted these ideals and are building the Harold Schnitzer Health and Rehabilitation Care Center (HSHRCC) to preserve the freedom any person would have inside their own home. The HSHRCC will be made up of four homes, each with twelve individual rooms built around a central living area and kitchen.

The Green House model empowers and encourages everyone that is directly impacted including elders, family members, and staff to give them a voice. The philosophy of the Green House strives for care communities such as ours to demonstrate more powerful, meaningful, and satisfying lives, work, and relationships.

For more information on The Green House® Project click here.