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Getting ready for Chanukah

The decorations are starting to up at the Robison Jewish Health Center in preparation for Chanukah!collage

Residents of Robison and participants in Adult Day Services are looking forward to some of the things they love most about the holiday, including:

  • Latkes (with or without apple sauce),
  • The chance to light the candles on the Menorah and saying the appropriate blessings each night,
  • Fancy cakes,
  • The joy of seeing wonderful children,
  • The game of Dreidl,
  • Gelt coins filled with chocolate

Thankful for Adult Day Services!

A visit to Adult Day Services is always a delight. During a recent visit, the participants were enjoying a snack and reading some Shel Silverstein poetry.


They also reflected on just what they are thankful for this Thanksgiving:

  • Life!
  • Being Alive!
  • My good friend of many years who is in the hospital.
  • 3 very good kids.
  • My father who turned a little girl into a baseball pitcher.
  • Turkey and Pumpkin Pie.
  • My mother who, even with an artificial arm…still baked knish!
  • Being invited to come to spend the day with this group of friends.
  • The milkman…who delivered (every day!) milk and seltzer water to our house.

Wishing you all a wonderful Thanksgiving! 

ADS Gardens Grow!

Sometimes chance meetings can lead to the most glorious things. In the case of Leisé Tacang, it was a class on Dementia Care at Portland Community College where she happened to meet Nancy Heckler. As Director of Adult Day Services (ADS) at Cedar Sinai Park (CSP), Nancy was intrigued to talk with Leisé about her interest in working with older adults and also about her master gardener status.

Soon after they met, Nancy hired Leisé to do on-call work in ADS and in no time, she was brought on as a part-time staff member. Before coming to CSP, Leisé had worked doing the books for her family’s wine business. While she enjoyed the work, she wanted something more engaging – and she found it with the clients who participate in Adult Day Services.

During her short time here, Leisé has brought both her love of older adults and her love and expertise at gardening to bear on the program. She jumped right in to create a beautiful and accessible garden that the attendees can help with and enjoy the fruits (no pun intended) of their labor.


Leisé stresses that long-time volunteer Alan Rosenfeld, was kind enough to bring in and plant the tomatoes now growing in the Adult Day Services courtyard at CSP.



Spring Gardening in Adult Day Services!

The participants in Cedar Sinai Park’s residents are getting in to Spring.


No need to go outdoors on a rainy spring day in Oregon. Adult Day Services recently made their own flower arrangements with a little guidance from registered horticultural therapist Genevieve.

“We started our hour studying local blooming plants for seasonal orientation,” said Genevieve.

Residents passed around tulips, hosta, viburnum and dogwood and talked about their characteristics. This garden session focused mainly on tulips and their history, discussing the “tulip mania period” in Holland and other interesting facts about the tulip.


Participants each got to build their our own individual tulip arrangements. They chose which stem and flower color they wanted to use in their arrangement and placed their choices in a vase with water. The participants were proud of their choices and admired their finished arrangement.

A lovely way to spend an hour in Spring at Adult Day Services.

Adult Day Services is lucky to have the Four Leaf Clovers!

Adding to its already long list of fun activities, Adult Day Services at CSP has formed a choir which began in January of this year! The group has been dubbed the Four Leaf Clovers by Rose Schnitzer Manor resident (and ADS participant) Lillian Stillman.

Directed by staff member Jessica Bernstein and accompanied on piano by ADS Director Nancy Heckler, the choir practices for an hour each week and specializes in songs made popular in the 1930’s and 1940’s (a time many of these singers remember well).

Each participant gets to sing a solo each session and they all go for it! Check out this clip of the Four Leaf Clovers singing “Oh You Beautiful Doll.”

The choir’s first performance is scheduled for CSP Memorial Day program on Tuesday, May 27, 2014. the day after Memorial Day at 1:30 pm at the Robison flagpole out front. In case of rain, it will be moved to the Robison Living Room. Cross your fingers for sun!




Stan the Piano Man Visits Adult Day Services

A perennial favorite of Cedar Sinai Park’s Adult Day Services participants is Stan Lasley, the Piano Man. 

Stan the Piano Man

Committed to providing entertainment through piano songs to seniors throughout our area, Stan regularly plays as many as 50 concerts a month at nursing homes and adult residences.

Playing piano for almost as long as he has been alive, Stan started playing with his grandfather, when he was just three years old.

He continued his passion for music while growing up, attending University of Portland and then Julliard where he studied under Nadia Boulanger.

Before moving to the Portland, Oregon area, Stan worked in Hollywood, playing for many movie stars. He recently took a little time out of his busy schedule to play for some stars here at Cedar SInai Park’s Adult Day Services. 

 “Music has an ability to transport the listener or performer to another time and place.  This close association of music with memory is one of the reasons that music can be so powerful and is included every day in Adult Day Services.”

~Nancy Heckler, Adult Day Services Director