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Help us provide a Happy Thanksgiving!

JFCS ThanksgivingThanksgiving Food Boxes – CSP Food Drive for Jewish Family & Child Services

Every year staff and residents here at Cedar Sinai Park come together and make donations to help feed 150 families in the Portland area for Thanksgiving.

While we don’t supply all the items, we do supply the following:

Campbell Soup Can

150 – Cans cream of mushroom soup (10.75 oz) & 150 – Cans French Fried Onions (6 oz)

French Fried Onions

We hope you will join us in our effort to help feed local families in need this Thanksgiving! If you want to participate, please bring your donations to Cedar Sinai Park (Rose Schnitzer Manor) and place your food items in the barrel in the lobby.

Please only donate the preferred size indicated above (it helps to keep all families food boxes a similar size)**

Don’t be late! Wednesday November 18th is the final day to donate!  (** soup and French Fried Onions  can be a store brand sucTHANK-YOUh as Albertsons, Walmart, Safeway, etc.)

CSP is looking for our next Chief Operating Officer

With the retirement of David Fuks and Sandra Simon having become CSP’s Chief Executive Officer, we are now in need of a new Chief Operating Officer.


The ideal candidate for this position is a seasoned non-profit or for-profit executive with a sound background in healthcare and a commitment to quality elder care. You should be a confident and energetic leader, with a balance of creativity, strategic thought, compassion and strong operational and financial acumen. You will be respectful of and steeped in the elements of Jewish faith.

A minimum of 10 years in a senior management position in a healthcare organization multi-site a plus, foundation, or government agency is required. Experience in a non-profit environment is preferred.

The entire job description can be found here. Chief Operating Officer

Cedar Sinai Park Chief Executive Officer Transition

Lance Steinberg Sandra Simon

CSP Board President Lance Steinberg with Sandra Simon, now Chief Executive Officer.

Cedar Sinai Park’s board of directors has appointed Chief Operating Officer Sandra Simon as Chief Executive Officer, effective September 8, 2015. This appointment follows the retirement of David Fuks, now Chief Executive Officer Emeritus. Fuks will end his Emeritus appointment effective on October 31, 2015.

On behalf of Cedar Sinai Park’s board, President Lance Steinberg said, “Our community sincerely appreciates the leadership of David Fuks and is excited at the opportunity of working with Sandra Simon as our new Chief Executive Officer. We are so pleased that our transition plan will make it possible for Cedar Sinai Park to continue to provide the excellence our community needs.”

Ms. Simon joined Cedar Sinai Park as Chief Operating Officer in July of 2014 and previously served as Chief Operating Officer of the San Francisco Jewish Home.

Ms. Simon said, “I am deeply honored to be appointed CEO for CSP, to serve in a mission driven organization that is committed to serving the community with exemplary and innovative high quality programs and services.  I am grateful for this past year of mentorship from David Fuks, whose guidance and support were instrumental in preparing me for the next step.”

As chief executive officer, Ms. Simon will work with Cedar Sinai Park’s executive team to facilitate an orderly leadership transition while overseeing the organization’s ongoing transformation. Ms. Simon is also a member of the newly formed Board of Directors for the CSP Foundation. CSP has embarked upon the search for a new Chief Operating Officer to replace Ms. Simon in that role.

Mr. Fuks retires after 18 years at CSP. During his tenure, he was responsible for significant growth and expansion of the scope and services of Cedar Sinai Park.  He will now be working as a consultant and pursuing his many evocations.

“The 18 years I’ve spent at Cedar Sinai Park have been a great adventure,” said Mr. Fuks. “It has been a delight to work with a remarkable staff, dedicated community volunteers, and with the people we serve and their families. I am very pleased that Sandra Simon will be my successor. Her skills and talents are ideal as we move to develop the system of care that will best serve our community. I hope all will join me in supporting her as she undertakes this important work.”

ADS Gardens Grow!

Sometimes chance meetings can lead to the most glorious things. In the case of Leisé Tacang, it was a class on Dementia Care at Portland Community College where she happened to meet Nancy Heckler. As Director of Adult Day Services (ADS) at Cedar Sinai Park (CSP), Nancy was intrigued to talk with Leisé about her interest in working with older adults and also about her master gardener status.

Soon after they met, Nancy hired Leisé to do on-call work in ADS and in no time, she was brought on as a part-time staff member. Before coming to CSP, Leisé had worked doing the books for her family’s wine business. While she enjoyed the work, she wanted something more engaging – and she found it with the clients who participate in Adult Day Services.

During her short time here, Leisé has brought both her love of older adults and her love and expertise at gardening to bear on the program. She jumped right in to create a beautiful and accessible garden that the attendees can help with and enjoy the fruits (no pun intended) of their labor.


Leisé stresses that long-time volunteer Alan Rosenfeld, was kind enough to bring in and plant the tomatoes now growing in the Adult Day Services courtyard at CSP.



We bid RCF Farewell

The needs of the aging population are changing and Cedar Sinai Park is changing with them. CSP is committed to helping elders age in place whenever possible and to this end, we are committed to new models of care. We will break ground in July on construction of households where we will provide long-term care and memory care; a three-story one for acute care and a one-story memory care facility. Robison will later be fully renovated to provide state-of-the-art rehabilitative care.

As part of our process going forward with building the new Harold Schnitzer Health & Rehabilitation Care Center and renovating our current building, the two halls which comprised the Residential Care Unit have been closed. All of the residents of the Residential Care Unit were able to either move to Rose Schnitzer Manor or a room in the nursing home at Robison. A small number of residents relocated to other facilities.

To honor all of the wonderful residents and staff, as well as the journey of the Residential Care Unit, an “Honoring the Journey Tea” was held in late May. The farewell event was attended by RCF residents (then current and former), family, friends and staff of the unit. Speakers at the event included Jack Honey, Robison Jewish Health Center Administrator and Dorcas Kish, RCF Health Services Coordinator.

Here are Dorcas’s comments from the day:“

Honoring the Journey” 

…I attended a conference several years ago in Washington, D.C.  The conference began with the question: “Are you ready to answer the call for Culture Change?”

After the conference, I was excited to share my new knowledge! My administrator was excited too and she challenged us to start the journey of Cultural Change on the RCF.

We accepted her challenge and started with simple changes, such as setting up breakfast in the Solarium for residents that wanted to sleep late (as they should in their Golden Years).

This led us to patient-centered care. We began to learn more about our current residents, as well as new ones, by simply saying: “Tell me about yourself.”

Quickly we learned about their families, how they met their spouse, their children, their previous occupations, and much more.  Then we would ask for details about their typical day, what time they liked to wake up, when and how often they wanted to shower, when they liked to go to bed, and what they might want a little help with in their daily lives.

We began to include residents in more decision-making, including things such as the creation of our unit’s mission statement, new staff hires, and service plans. We ended our journey this June with resident-directed care.

We had fun while we worked — it was caring with love and respect — for residents we were honored to serve.  Some fun times included “Mother Tea Parties” where our creative and wonderful nurse Judy brought in some of her antique doll collection and china set. It was like having friends and family over for tea. So as not to leave out the men, we held “Father Breakfast Time” with our staff coming in to set up and cook. “Sports Night” was fun as well with a trophy awarded and special dinner served in Levi Dining room.

I want to personally thank all of the staff of RCF for accepting the challenge of Resident directed care and for providing amazing care … with love. It has been a wonderful journey!

Happy Holidays to Everyone!

Each year at Cedar Sinai Park we participate in our traditional time of giving for the children involved with Morrison Center.

Since 1947 Morrison Center has partnered with communities and families to provide services for children experiencing trauma and adversity.

Our staff, volunteers, guests and others were extremely generous in donating toys, clothes and games that will help to bring joy and excitement during this holiday season.

Thank you to everyone who participated and Happy Holidays to Everyone!