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Teaching & Learning Benefits Students, Staff and Residents

The Robison Jewish Health Center is a teaching and learning site for area nursing schools like Concordia, PCC, OHSU and Linfield-Good Samaritan Hospital. At Robison, nursing students have a unique opportunity to learn about an interdisciplinary approach to care.  Interdisciplinary teams consist of nurses, social workers, doctors, activity professionals, culinary staff, nursing assistants and more.

At Robison, students learn how to work as a team to enhance the care and and quality of life for elders. Nursing students get a hands-on learning approach to person-directed care and supporting residents’ ability to live as independently as possible. Students also learn about transitions of care from home to hospital, assisted living facilities, rehab, and nursing homes and how it affects people emotionally, physically and spiritually.

Recently, a nursing student interviewed Robison resident Millie Miller as part of a learning assignment. Millie wrote about her interview experience. Here’s what Millie had to say about the nursing students:

“They are intelligent, hardworking people who are paying to put [themselves] through nursing school. They ask pertinent questions and I’m happy to answer. Sometimes I tell them what nurses were like when I was young — in the 70’s and 80’s.  They are very interested and we have great conversations.”

The students are always appreciative of the experience here at the Robison Home. And the residents and staff all benefit from the experience.

Thank You Card to Robison Staff
Linfield College Good Samaritan School of Nursing