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Thankful for Adult Day Services!

A visit to Adult Day Services is always a delight. During a recent visit, the participants were enjoying a snack and reading some Shel Silverstein poetry.


They also reflected on just what they are thankful for this Thanksgiving:

  • Life!
  • Being Alive!
  • My good friend of many years who is in the hospital.
  • 3 very good kids.
  • My father who turned a little girl into a baseball pitcher.
  • Turkey and Pumpkin Pie.
  • My mother who, even with an artificial arm…still baked knish!
  • Being invited to come to spend the day with this group of friends.
  • The milkman…who delivered (every day!) milk and seltzer water to our house.

Wishing you all a wonderful Thanksgiving! 

Residents Get Creative in LeadingAge Contest


The annual Creative Writing Program of LeadingAge Oregon (formerly the Oregon Alliance of Senior & Health Services, or OASHS) has been going strong since 1993. Talented residents of Robison Jewish Health Center and Rose Schnitzer Manor have been participating in the program for many years.

We are proud to announce the following Cedar Sinai Park residents have been selected as winners in the LeadingAge Oregon Creative Writing Contest:

  • Marion Gans – “Assisted Living”
  • Diane Budner -”You Can’t Run with a Piano”
  • Murray Kaufman – “A Conversation with Tu Fu
  • Sam Berry – “The General’s Son”

Marion Gans and Sam Berry’s short stories will be read at a recognition luncheon honoring all winners on Thursday, February 27 at Friendsview Retirement Community in Newberg, Oregon. All entries were required to be original works, written at the age of 60 or older, previously unpublished, and submitted in electronicForm. The contest was open to all residents of LeadingAge Oregon member facilities.

LeadingAge Creative Writing Contest: “Lunch Out” by Mordechai Rubin

As every year since 1993, LeadingAge Oregon is holding a Creative Writing Contest. Cedar Sinai Park residents participate in great numbers. Winners will be announced on February 28; up to 50 top-rated pieces will also be published in “Reflections: A Collection of Writing and Poetry by Oregon’s Elders.”

Here’s the first of several submissions we’ll be reprinting here (with permission from their authors).

“Lunch Out” by Mordecai Rubin

Where to bury love grown cold?
Without the shroud of ifs and buts
Peopled with interstices
Vibrant and superfluous
No flowers building artifacts
No matter fleet the vision.
No stone will mark the spot
But I will know.

Robison Resident Shares Life Through Poetry

Robison Jewish Health Center resident Inez Weissman has shared a poem with us and encouraged us to pass it along. Asked about her inspiration for writing, Inez said, “I write about that which is most familiar–my family, my world. I write that life is beautiful until the moment you’re struck down and you have to pick yourself up.”

Inez’s poem “A Natural Event” is included in this year’s “Reflections: A Collection of Writing and Poetry by Oregon’s Elders,” published by LeadingAge Oregon (find two other selections by Cedar Sinai Park residents here).

A Natural Event

In the beginning, the giving birth
with pain and joy,
filled with love and tenderness,
the future bright, together
sharing dreams to come.

Hand in hand we live
with laughter and tears,
filling our days as we
confront what is and plan for
what will be.

The children grow,
bringing joy and pride, and
soon they leave.
Once again, we have time
for each other’s love.

Then nature does what nature does.
It says “enough” and declares
that the end must come,
and death arrives to claim
its own.

Yes, the end is here,
undreamed of,
unprepared for,
The dreaded reality.