Month: November 2017

A Moment With Marty

Written by: Richard Embry

Each month, Cedar Sinai Park’s CEO Marty Baicker invites you to a virtual visit to CSP, and to share the news and happenings in our organization and community.

“I am proud to join the Cedar Sinai Park community as its new CEO. CSP is an organization with a strong history of innovation and community support…”

Each month, Cedar Sinai Park’s CEO Marty Baicker invites you to a virtual visit to CSP, and to share the news and happenings in our organization and community.


I am proud to join the Cedar Sinai Park community as its new CEO. CSP is an organization with a strong history of innovation and community support.

My family and I are happily adjusting to our new life in Portland. The moving boxes are slowly disappearing as we settle into our new home, and I think we’ve finally mastered the Portland recycling rules. My wife, Kelly, and I are extremely grateful for the warm welcome we have received since our arrival. I also want to thank David Fuks for his support and guidance during my transition.

My first few weeks have been dedicated to meeting face-to-face with as many residents, staff, volunteers, and board and community members as possible. As the transformation of CSP continues, this newsletter will be one of the ways I will regularly update you on CSP happenings.

On October 23, CSP opened the Robison Health & Rehabilitation Center (RHRC). Within two days, we admitted our first patient, and as of now, we’re at seven patients. I’m happy to report we are ahead of initial projections.

The Robison Center provides support for patients recovering from surgery, strokes, accidents, and other major health traumas. The Center provides a full range of support services, including physical, occupational and speech therapies. Shorter lengths of stay continue to be a key healthcare trend. The Robison Center provides the highest quality of care to help patients get better and return home as quickly and safely as possible. Depending on diagnosis, patients may stay anywhere from a week to 60 days, with most patient stays averaging two weeks. This means the RHRC census will fluctuate greatly due to these varying lengths of stay. We are closely monitoring the satisfaction of our patients as well as the outcomes of care. This information will be used to market the program to new patients.

At Rose Schnitzer Manor, we have seen the census increase, and it is now slightly above budget for the year. The leadership at RSM is focusing on improving the dining experience, including an upgraded menu and level of service provided. We added a dining room manager earlier this year to focus on improving RSM dining area services. Thanks to the generous support of Jim Winkler, we now have Philippe Boulot, a local award-winning chef, advising our culinary staff on all aspects of the dining operation. Keep your eyes out for some exciting improvements in the very near future.

I continue to be impressed with CSP’s community support. We are extremely appreciative of and grateful for every single Robison Center renovation campaign donor and for Harold Schnitzer Center for Living’s donors. Whether you contributed your time, expertise, or money, we couldn’t have done this without you. Thank you.

Our Adult Day Service program has moved back into its beautifully renovated space within the Robison Center. The updated, larger space accommodates more participants and will enable improved programming. ADS not only encourages socialization but allows our elders to stay in their homes. If you have not visited the program, please reach out to me. I will be happy to arrange a tour.

We continue to search for an Executive Director for Sinai In-Home Care. Interviews of several qualified candidates are scheduled over the next few weeks. The integration of Sinai In-Home into CSP continues as construction begins shortly on new office space for Sinai In-Home within the RHRC. It is expected to be completed by February of 2018.

We welcome Ruth Scott as the Interim Director of Jewish Family & Child Service (JFCS). Ruth has a long track record of successful leadership transition guidance of nonprofit agencies. The JFCS board will soon form a search committee to seek a permanent Director of the agency.

We say farewell to Caroline Becker, Chief Human Resources Officer, this month as she moves on to an opportunity in the private sector. We thank Caroline for her contributions during her two- plus years at CSP and wish her all the best in the next phase of her career.

Board President Liz Lippoff and I recently attended the Leading Age national conference in New Orleans. Leading Age is the trade association and advocacy group that represents not-for-profit providers of elder care. Over 7,000 people attended the conference. A major theme noted during the conference is the federal government’s increasing reliance on quality data to determine the reimbursement nursing homes will receive. Starting late 2018, nursing homes will be penalized financially if they fail to meet new quality criteria. CSP’s Housing with Services program was highlighted during a session presentation by Howard Klink.

CSP continues to focus on improving the quality of care throughout our campus. As part of these efforts, we have brought on new Nursing Department leadership. Please join me in welcoming Richard Westom as the Director of Nursing for the Robison Jewish Health Center. Richard brings with him many years of long-term care experience.

I hope this note has been helpful. It is very important to me that we keep our supporters up to date on the latest from CSP. Please look for a new edition of “A Moment with Marty” each month. If you have any questions about this edition or anything else related to CSP, please feel free to contact me directly at Martin.Baicker@cedarsinaipark.org.

In this season of giving thanks, we count our many blessings at Cedar Sinai Park. I look forward to our continued efforts to keep CSP a strong, vibrant, compassionate community for all who come here for care.


Warmest Regards,

Marty Baicker, CEO


Welcome to the new CedarSinaiPark.org!

Written by: Richard Embry
 As the new CEO of Cedar Sinai Park, I welcome you to the our new and improved website! We think you will find the site easier to navigate and full of helpful information. I encourage you to check it from time to time as we expand the features and add more links to eldercare resources.
We look forward to sharing the exciting changes at Cedar Sinai Park, as we grow to better serve our community.

Martin W. Baicker, FACHE CEO of Cedar Sinai Park



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