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Moments with Marty

Written by: CSP-Admin

It’s my first spring and summer in Portland and I am astonished at how beautiful the weather has been. Beautiful blue skies and no humidity. Wow!

Since I last wrote you, I had the opportunity to chaperone my son’s five-day school trip around southern Oregon. We camped out near Crater Lake, toured the Oregon Caves, saw two plays at the Shakespeare Festival in Ashland, and visited the Redwoods near Crescent City, California. It was an amazing trip. Oregon is incredibly beautiful. As I said to Jacob several times during the trip, “I don’t think we’re in New Jersey anymore.”

Back at CSP, things are moving along. Last week, the new Robison Health and Rehabilitation Center reached its highest census since it opened in October. While the outcomes of care and customer satisfaction continue to be excellent, our seven-month-old program has had some growing pains. As a result, we are focused on improving communication between our staff, patients, and their families.

In spite of these challenges, great things are happening at RHRC.

Here’s a recent example. This is the story of our patient, Lois S.:

On February 5th, Lois S. was admitted to the hospital to undergo tests for what she thought were routine health concerns. Those concerns were anything but routine, and by Saturday, Lois was in the Intensive Care Unit following surgery for a perforated colon which lead to infection and then to sepsis, a life-threatening condition.

With her husband and out-of-town children gathered around her, Lois spent the next 16 days in the Intensive Care Unit. Her family stood by her side as she fought to stay alive while her body battled pneumonia, a gallbladder infection, and ultimately both heart and kidney failure.

Lois fought hard – and won. After a total of seven weeks in the hospital she had recovered from the acute illnesses but was left so weak she was unable to walk or even sit up in a wheelchair.

Lois and her family were faced with a decision about her care and how to best handle her rehabilitation. She had had knee replacement surgery in the past and had experience in a rehab facility with which she was not pleased.

This time, Lois chose Robison Health and Rehabilitation Center at Cedar Sinai Park. Lois and her family had been familiar with Robison from its many decades as a nursing home, and were aware that it had undergone a recent transformation, including the addition of a state-of-the-art rehab facility.

“Robison Health & Rehabilitation Center is quite a gift our community has provided”, Lois shared. “The largest part of my recovery is due to the dedicated therapists and nursing staff at Robison.”

Although Lois entered Robison unable to even sit up in a wheelchair, she left Robison on June 26th, walking tall, with just the help of a walker.

“The staff was devoted to me and my care and showed me an outpouring of warmth and support”, Lois said. “The first time I stood – with the help of a harness and machine – nearly every staff member came to my room and congratulated me. Everyone was so encouraging, and their support made all the difference.”

Lois left Robison Rehab on June 26th but, as with all patients, will be remembered by the staff with whom she formed relationships. With its 44-suites and strong staff-to-patient ratios, Robison is small enough for highly personalized care, and large enough to offer expert care services and therapy.

“I wasn’t a patient to them, I was Lois. They knew me as a person”, Lois added. “They take a personal interest in you. As you walk down the hall, every single person greets you. This attitude from staff added to the excellent care I received, and I would recommend Robison Rehab to anyone.”

Lois’s recovery is not only a testament to her tenacity but also to the professionalism and dedication of the RHRC staff. I want to take this opportunity to recognize the commitment of our devoted staff. We could not do this without them.

Please feel free to contact me directly if you would like a personal tour of RHRC or if I can help you with anything else.

Enjoy the beautiful weather!


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Marty Baicker, CEO


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