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Moments with Marty

Written by: Karen Tolvstad

In March, Cedar Sinai Park (CSP) appointed a management company to guide operations at the Robison Health & Rehabilitation Center and Harold Schnitzer Center for Living Green House™ (“RHRC and HSCL”). Since 2016, these state-of-the art facilities have been delivering higher-level nursing care to a broader group of patients than the former Robison Jewish Health Center.

Aidan Health Services, Inc. is an experienced, proven specialist in the management of post-acute care and skilled nursing facilities. CSP retained Aidan Health Services to improve efficiencies in these more comprehensive and complex healthcare facilities. Its contract is limited to RHRC and HSCL.  It does not include executive management services or Rose Schnitzer Manor. CSP’s executives, administrators and staff, including all caregivers, continue as CSP employees.

CSP selected Aidan because of their expertise in the field of post-acute care, their work with other mission-driven non-profit organizations, their successful record serving those organizations, and the recommendation of CSP’s trusted advisors.

Ivan Gold, Chair of CSP’s Board of Trustees, said, “We’re proud of our 5-Star quality rating in this complex healthcare niche. Aidan’s specialized management will help us deliver that quality more efficiently and effectively. Importantly, Aidan understands and has committed to CSP’s emphasis on traditional Jewish values.”

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