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Friends of Robison Annual Mah Jongg Tournament!

Written by: Karen Tolvstad

June 23, 12:30 p.m., Zidell Hall

Our first Friends of Robison Mah Jongg Tournament was such a terrific fund and friend raiser, we decided to do it again this year! We cordially invite you and your Mah Jongg-savvy friends to join us for an afternoon of friendship, light refreshments and, of course, Mah Jongg.

To join the fun, just fill out our easy registration form. Paste this address into your browser,  If you prefer print, contact Alison Burger, 971-717-7147,

Spend a little, give a lot. 100% of your $30 fee goes to enhancing the lives of the treasured elders living on our campus. Please be a part of this great, meaningful cause!



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