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Linfield Student Nurses Receive Hands-on Clinical Training at Cedar Sinai Park

Written by: Sydney Clevenger

Nursing students from Linfield College are at Cedar Sinai Park for eight-week clinical rotations, as part of their bachelor of nursing program. Almost two dozen students have been helping at Robison Jewish Health Center/Harold Schnitzer Center for Living with tasks such as interviewing patients, changing wound dressings, feeding meals, transferring our beloved friends, and administering insulin.

Groups of students began rotations here in August, and the last group will finish in early December. Several shared their observations, as their rotation was winding down.

“We’ve all pictured what nursing homes would be like, yet coming here was completely different,” said nursing student Makenzie. “It’s clean here and it doesn’t smell, and the residents are well taken care of. It’s a very friendly environment. The nurses are very empathetic towards the residents and are willing to spend the time to get on their level and talk with them.

“It’s really cool because the residents have tons of activities to do. This is way more than just somewhere for them to exist. It’s a full experience, which is really nice.”

Makenzie added that Cedar Sinai Park has “everything needed to provide efficient care” and help its nurses succeed, and that the rotation offers nursing students the chance to see different health professionals in action. Several of the students pursuing nursing degrees already are certified nursing assistants and have worked in other elder living facilities.

“It’s nice to see the whole process of how the different roles work,” said nursing student Tiffany. “Doing rotations, you kind of worry, because we’ve all heard horror stories of nurses that don’t want to work with students because they’re rushed due to Covid and don’t have time for students, but everyone here is great.”

Linfield Adjunct Professor Florence Omekara, Ph.D., R.N., I.B.C.L.C., agreed the clinical experiences at Robison Jewish Health Center/Harold Schnitzer Center for Living have been positive and effective.

“We are all very appreciative of the learning experiences and support here at this facility,” said Omekara, “and the students are excited to use the skills for their future nursing practice as they go out into the workforce.”



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