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Month: November 2022

Save the Date for our May 13, 2023, Annual Benefit!

Written by: Sydney Clevenger

We are going back in time . . . together, and in person!

Our annual benefit is set for Saturday, May 13, 2023, at the Hotel Eastlund. Come drink and dine and have a ball, while supporting the residents of Cedar Sinai Park.

A special thank you to our presenting sponsor, Marcy Tonkin.

Are you interested in being a sponsor?  Please contact Development Committee Chair Michelle Gradow if you wish to be a sponsor, at (503) 730-1786.

New Logo for Cedar Sinai Park Highlights Inclusivity

Written by: Sydney Clevenger

Cedar Sinai Park has re-branded itself with a new logo that represents the inclusivity the organization seeks.

“Looking at our new logo, no matter your religion, culture, or ethnicity, you can feel a sense of belonging,” said Board Chair Steve Rallison. “Appealing to the larger community, without forgetting our Jewish roots,  is a direction Cedar Sinai Park  has been headed for a while.  The new logo is indicative of the organization’s inclusive, forward-moving direction.”

Chief Executive Officer Kimberly Fuson said the new logo was a year in the making. “There were many discussions with residents and staff and the community and board about what makes Cedar Sinai Park unique, and how we carry our foundational Jewish values of  love, honor, and respect  into the next century,” she said. “We believe the design selected hits all of those notes.”

Fuson said the design was intentionally inclusive with the Star of David in the middle, representing Judaism and the “heart” of Cedar Sinai Park’s history and longevity, but additional elements were added to represent interconnection with others, including a cross, curving toward the heart, a flame, for the energy and positivity in the community, and leaves as a symbol of new growth and opportunity.

“Our new logo weaves inclusivity into the tapestry of life at Cedar Sinai Park; this logo is an expression of Kulanu,  of all of us together ; of residents, families, staff, volunteers and trustees learning and growing in support of our mission at Cedar Sinai Park residents,” said Fuson.

Currently, about 75 percent of elders who access Cedar Sinai Park’s services are Jewish; the other 25 percent are a mix of other cultures, ethnicities, and religious and spiritual affiliations.

“We know that in order to flourish as an organization, we need to serve the broader community,” said Fuson. “Many of our non-Jewish elders are referred by their Jewish friends, and we always want them to have a place at our table and feel welcomed, while at the same time honoring the foundational Jewish values upon we have been known for the past 102 years.

“We are an organization that embraces diversity and our logo represents that inclusivity,” said Fuson. “By virtue of our Jewish heritage, we are a people who deeply understand oppression. Many of our staff sought to work at Cedar Sinai Park because we embrace the unique richness of each individual. Often, we find that people of other cultures understand that about our community and want to work and live and connect with us because they feel safe expressing their whole person.

Fuson said the new logo expresses the idea of person-centered care, where the entire community supports each other regardless of where they are in their aging journey.

“At Cedar Sinai Park, our culture of community supports first knowing each person with whom we work, live and volunteer. We all care for each other. As one of our trustees said, “our logo feels like being embraced in a warm blanket of love.”


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