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New Residents Enjoy Welcome Breakfast

Written by: Sydney Clevenger

Interconnection is what Cedar Sinai Park is all about, and a number of new connections were formed at Rose Schnitzer Manor’s welcome breakfast last week.

“Where did you live in Connecticut?” asked Resident Welcome Committee Chair Harriet, of new resident Ann. “Where?! Hamden?! You’re kidding, I lived there!” The ladies proceeded to share common shops they frequented and laugh over the potential of paths crossing.

Forrest and Sandy were celebrating their one-month anniversary at Rose Schnitzer Manor during the welcome breakfast. “We like it here,” said Forrest. “We came because the cost was more reasonable than other places we toured. Now that we’re here, we like the food, and the people are very nice.”

Ann, who had been with Cedar Sinai Park for seven weeks at the time of this writing, said she came to Rose Schnitzer Manor because her son lives in Portland. “People take me places and I’m so grateful,” she said. “The food is good. I am a nutritionist so I appreciate the food.”

Added Norma, “The food is wonderful, and the people here have been friendly and the service is great. I’ve been very happy during my one month here; people have been very kind.”

The new resident welcome breakfast is also an opportunity for people to connect with Rose Schnitzer Manor leaders to ask questions, said Erin Hickox Acker, Resident Transitions and Experience Director. Invitations are sent to new residents, and the welcome committee distributes the invitations.

“We want people to feel comfortable as they become acclimated to Rose Schnitzer Manor, and to have access to leadership so they can find talk about any needs that have come up in their first few weeks,” said Erin. “We also want residents to come out of their rooms and get to know one another in a fun way, and the welcome breakfast is one good way to make that happen.

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