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Staff & Culture

At Cedar Sinai Park (CSP), our staff is at the very heart of what we do. We care for our staff because our staff cares deeply for our residents – and it shows! Meaningful relationships grow between residents and staff. We truly become a family. And like a family, this army of dedicated people go the extra mile to deliver the excellent care that has been a hallmark of CSP for nearly a century. Don’t be surprised if you spot a housekeeper serving a meal, a nurse volunteering to join an outing, or a manager jumping in to a resident activity.

The members that comprise our staff are truly our greatest asset. We are proud of the long tenure of many of our employees. It’s not unusual for a new resident to walk in the door and be recognized by a staff member who cared for their parent. For our staff, it’s what makes the difference between a job and a career. We support our employees with top-quality training, growth opportunities, scholarships and awards.


Board of Directors

Current Officers

Elise Brickner-Schulz – Chair
Ivan Gold – Immediate Past Chair
Jeff Reingold – Secretary
David Hirsch – Treasurer
Steve Rallison- Vice Chair
Michael Feves – Vice Chair
Michelle Eastern Gradow – Vice Chair
Michael Millender – Vice Chair


Rabbi Michael Z. Cahana
Ilene Davidson
Marion Gans
Dr. Marvin Kaiser
Conrad Myers
Mylen Shenker
Eddy Shuldman
James Winkler

Marcy Morris – Friends of Robison Representative
Bernice Karsh – Resident Representative

Past Presidents

Ivan Gold 2018-2020
Liz Lippoff 2016-2017
Lance Steinberg 2014-2015
Michael Feves 2010-2011
David Copley Forman 2006-2007
Sara Cogan 2005
Paul Frisch 2003-2004, 2008-2009 & 2012-2013
Jim Winkler 2001-2002
Dr. Victor D. Menashe 1999-2000
Manuel S. Berman 1997-1998
Leonard Barde 1995-1996
Ruby Sachter 1993-1994
Jordan Schnitzer 1991-1992

Past Presidents

Beverly F. Eastern 1989-1990
Stan Rotenberg 1987-1988
Abby Rothschild 1986
Gerry Poplack 1984-1985
Milt Carl 1982-1983
Stanley S. Eastern 1979-1981
Phil Blank 1977-1978
Lewis Buchwach 1973-1974
Judge Phillip J. Roth 1971-1972
Joseph R. Josephs 1968-1970
Eugene E. Nudelman 1956-1967
Maurice D. Sussman 1960-1964
Milton Kahn 1944-1959


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