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Our staff is the heart of what we do. We care for our team members because they care deeply for our residents – and it shows! Meaningful relationships grow between residents and our team members, and we truly become a family. And like a family, our dedicated people go the extra mile to deliver the excellent care that has been a hallmark of Cedar Sinai Park for 103 years. Don’t be surprised if you spot a housekeeper serving a meal, a nurse volunteering to join an outing, or a manager jumping into a resident activity.

We are proud of the long tenure of many of our employees. It’s not unusual for a new resident to walk in the door and be recognized by a team member who cared for their parent. For our team members, the relationships are the difference between a job and a career. We support our employees with training, growth opportunities, scholarships, and awards.


Kimberly Fuson

Kimberly Fuson

Chief Executive Officer
Office: 503-535-4413
Cell: 503-504-5277
Steve Rallison

Steve Rallison

Chair, Board of Trustees
Erin Hickox Acker, MSW

Erin Hickox Acker, MSW

Resident Experience and Transitions Director
Sydney Clevenger

Sydney Clevenger

Interim Director, Development and Communications
Angela Deverell

Angela Deverell

Executive Assistant to Kimberly Fuson/Board Liaison
Office: 971-717-7147
Geneva Dougal, PHR

Geneva Dougal, PHR

Director of Human Resources
Office: 503-595-4338
Jennifer Felberg

Jennifer Felberg

Director of Community Life
Office: 503-535-4052
Tammy Heard

Tammy Heard

Director of Building Services
Nancy Heckler

Nancy Heckler

Director of Adult Day Services
Office: 503-535-4403
Heather Hess

Heather Hess

Interim Director, Sinai In-Home Care
Krista Mattox, L.N.H.A.

Krista Mattox, L.N.H.A.

Administrator, Harold Schnitzer Center for Living / Robison Jewish Health Center
Office: 503-535-4333
Cell: 503-320-0807
Emily Riddle, CPA

Emily Riddle, CPA

Office: 503-595-4387
Cell: 256-541-7994
Andy Staggs

Andy Staggs

Director of Culinary Services
Office: 503-535-4053
Rachael White

Rachael White

Administrator, Rose Schnitzer Manor
Office: 503-595-7388
Cell: 256-541-7994
Eddie Younger

Eddie Younger

IT Manager
Cathy Zheutlin

Cathy Zheutlin

Spiritual Life Coordinator
Office: 503-535-4038

Board of Directors

Executive Committee

Steve Rallison – Chair
Marvin Kaiser, Ph.D. – Chair-Elect
Conrad Myers – Treasurer
Ilene Davidson – Secretary
Michael Feves – Vice Chair
Ivan Gold- Vice Chair
David Hirsch- Vice Chair

Members at Large

Michelle Eastern Gradow
Michael Millender
Jeff Reingold

Past Chair

Elise Brickner-Shulz


Rabbi Michael Z. Cahana
Josh Erde-Wollheim
Marion Gans
Alison Garfinkle
Marc Goldring
Howard Graitzer
Jennifer Griffith-Weprin
Jaimie Simon Harper
Margot Feves Pearmine
Felicia Rosenthal
Mylen Shenker
Eddy Shuldman
James Winkler
Fran Gardner – Rose Schnitzer Manor Resident Representative

Past Chairs

Ivan Gold, 2018-2020
Liz Lippoff, 2016-2017
Lance Steinberg, 2014-2015
Michael Feves, 2010-2011
David Copley Forman, 2006-2007
Sara Cogan (z”l), 2005
Paul Frisch (z”l), 2003-2004, 2008-2009, 2012-2013
Jim Winkler (z”l), 2001-2002
Dr. Victor D. Menashe, 1999-2000
Manuel S. Berman, 1997-1998
Leonard Barde (z”l), 1995-1996
Ruby Sachter, 1993-1994
Jordan Schnitzer, 1991-1992

Past Chairs

Beverly F. Eastern, 1989-1990
Stan Rotenberg, 1987-1988
Abby Rothschild (z”l), 1986
Gerry Poplack (z”l), 1984-1985
Milt Carl (z”l), 1982-1983
Stanley Eastern (z”l), 1979-1981
Phil Blank (z”l), 1977-1978
Lewis Buchwach (z”l), 1973-1974
Judge Phillip J. Roth (z”l), 1971-1972
Joseph R. Josephs (z”l), 1968-1970
Eugene E. Nudelman (z”l), 1956-1967
Maurice D. Sussman (z”l), 1960-1964
Milton Kahn (z”l), 1944-1959


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