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Cathy Zheutlin

Written by: CSP-Admin

Spiritual Life Coordinator

Cathy is the Spiritual Life Coordinator. She feels that it is an honor and a privilege to be a thread in the fabric of maintaining Jewish and all spiritual traditions at CSP. As a filmmaker, she made films to explore consciousness and encourage progressive change, and spent 10 years making media about inter-spirituality for Holy Rascals. She was among the first women in America to be a documentary cinematographer. She produced Just One Step: The Great Peace March, capturing the heart and soul of a nine-month cross-country trek for global nuclear disarmament that led to a filming the first Soviet-American Peace March, marrying a Lithuanian cameraman, raising a family and twenty years of being a cranio-sacral biodynamic massage therapist and healer. She was president and an active lay leader in P’nai Or. Her latest personal film, “Living While Dying” allowed her to explore how to honestly face mortality, by embracing life, and remembering the preciousness of every person. She misses tango during the pandemic.



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