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Kimberly Fuson, LNHA, RCFA

Written by: Sydney Clevenger


Kimberly’s passion for culture change and social justice to assure access to comprehensive, quality, and affordable healthcare commenced in 1990 when she discovered her secret identity as a change agent. Her guises include: social worker, private case manager, guardian ad-litem, administrator, chief program officer, chief operating officer, executive director, and now, chief executive officer at Cedar Sinai Park.

Kimberly practices knowing each person served and serving, and secures results through organizational development based on person-centered servant leadership, generative governance, mutual accountability, responsibility, inspiration, creativity, kindness, motivation, self-reflection, independence, honesty, trust . . . and a commitment to fun.

When not culture changing, Kimberly enjoys traveling the world with family and friends, and it is her secret goal to immerse herself in every ocean and sea on the planet.


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