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Martha Norrie

Written by: CSP-Admin

A great-great-grandfather of Cedar Sinai Park’s new Director of Development and Communications Martha Norrie, emigrated to the United States and, upon arriving in Portland, helped found Ahavai Shalom in 1869, one antecedent to today’s Nevah Shalom.  Though Raphael and his wife Johanna had five children, only one married, and that child, son Jacob—Norrie’s great-grandfather—married a Catholic from Ireland so Norrie’s Jewish line ended.

Norrie is thrilled to even better understand and honor her genealogy by working at Cedar Sinai Park. A native Oregonian, Norrie began volunteering as a teenager and quickly developed a deep passion for charitable work for a wide range of causes. Norrie holds a bachelor of arts in interdisciplinary studies from the University of Portland and has deep experience in marketing and development, including the Oregon Society of Artists where she was interim executive director, and, for the past 13 years, Norrie Creative. Norrie is credentialed as a certified digital marketing professional and a professional certified marketer.


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