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Two ways to support Kehillah are available

1.      The Kehillah Parents/Activities Fund is managed by the Kehillah parent group and is used to enhance the lives and safety of the residents. Donations from supporters like you allow residents of Kehillah to enjoy special activities and other amazing experiences.

In the last year, classes for residents in First Aid, Community Safety, Cooking, Nutrition, Yoga, and Exercise have been made available.  An exercise room with aerobic and strength training equipment has been outfitted.

2.      The Kehillah General Support Fund is managed by Cedar Sinai Park and is used for unexpected expenses at Kehillah such as new appliances, building improvements or landscaping.
Your tax-deductible donation will allow us to continue to improve the lives of the Kehillah residents and to help them live independent lives in a safe and healthy way.
Thank you for your support


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