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Harold Schnitzer Center for Living

Moments after entering Harold Schnitzer Center for Living, you’ll know that this isn’t an old-fashioned nursing home. The welcoming smells from the kitchen, the homey artwork hanging on the walls and the cheerful personal surroundings all say – you are home.


At the Harold Schnitzer Center for Living (HSCL), we are proud to offer care that is centered around the hearth and home. It won’t take long to see how this philosophy sets us apart. Each and every decision made in these special households is focused on the care and needs of the elders who call it home. Here, our residents have choices you won’t find in an institutional model of care, from what appears on the family-style menus to what enriching activities are offered.

Each staff member is cross-trained and is dedicated to a single household of twelve residents. Deeper personal relationships flourish as a result of the high staff to resident ratio, and nature of the intimate home setting. Household life is centered around a warm and inviting hearth and a family kitchen; bright and spacious private bedrooms and bathrooms enhance the quality of life in these special households.

With the Robison Health & Rehabilitation Center right next door, residents can take advantage of receiving clinical and therapeutic support services in the comfort and security of their own rooms. While households in the HSCL host a variety of daily enrichment activities, convenient access to the Robison allows residents to engage in an even wider range of community and spiritual services. The household model of care offered at the HSCL accommodates those with dementia and dementia-type diseases, including Alzheimer’s, Parkinson’s, and other cognitive disorders.

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