Senior Living & Care Options

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An elderly couple sits on a wooden bench in a garden, smiling and enjoying their time. The woman, wearing a pink blouse and scarf, laughs heartily, and the man, in a checkered shirt, smiles warmly with his arm around her. A white picket fence stands in the background—a serene scene showcasing ideal living options.

Active Assisted Living at Rose Schnitzer Manor

Residents enjoy a life of autonomy, fulfillment, and community while receiving 24-hour support (if needed) with the activities of daily living.

An elderly man with white hair and a beard, wearing glasses and a light blue polo shirt, sits on a beige chair holding an open book. He appears to be in a relaxed, indoor setting with living and care options evident in the thoughtfully arranged bookshelf filled with books in the background.

Post-acute, Rehabilitation, and Long-Term Care at the Robison Jewish Health Center/Harold Schnitzer Center for Living

Elders in post-acute care, rehabilitation, and long-term skilled nursing receive thorough, person-centered medical supervision by loving nursing staff in their own private suite within a “household” of 12.

A caregiver helps an elderly man, who is using a walker, adjust his collar in a cozy bedroom. The room has a bed with a teddy bear on it and a window with blinds partially open. Both individuals are smiling and appear to be enjoying each other's company, showcasing the warm atmosphere of their living options.

In-Home Care

Elders aging in any setting can receive an individualized level of support or care from a trained professional.

A man in a light yellow shirt and grey pants waves at the camera while standing next to a woman in a light blue blouse, both smiling. They are indoors with a table, chairs, and a wall with windows in the background, highlighting their cozy living space.

Adult Day

Stimulating activities and a hot meal in a nurturing environment for aging loved ones with dementia to accommodate the unique needs of caregivers needing respite.


Cedar Sinai Park’s Rose Schnitzer Tower, Lexington Limited Partnership Apartments, Park Tower Apartments, and The 1200 Building Apartments offer affordable housing in downtown Portland.

A modern building with a maroon and gray exterior, featuring large windows and a ramp leading to the entrance. A sign near the ramp reads "KEHILLAH 6000," reflecting its community-focused design, while a few bare trees stand in the landscaped area in front of the building.


Kehillah Housing on the Cedar Sinai Park campus offers independent, affordable housing for adults with developmental disabilities who are supported through social activities and employment assistance