Skilled Nursing

We have 48 private suites for post-acute, rehabilitation, and long-term care in Portland, Oregon

An elderly man with white hair and glasses sits smiling in his wheelchair. He is working at a bench with various tools organized neatly in holders before him, showcasing his dexterity. Behind him, a window with closed blinds lets in some light, highlighting the skilled nursing care environment he enjoys.

Robison Jewish Health Center/Harold Schnitzer Center for Living

Whether you are recovering from a planned or unplanned surgery, or another major health event, we offer a full range of post-acute care to help in your recovery, including physical, occupational, and speech therapies.

We also offer long-term care for loved ones who require attentive and compassionate 24-hour medical care and supervision.

Our care is person-centered, tailored to each individual’s unique and singular experience.

"I feel extremely lucky to be here. I know the reputation. I’m very happy here, and I think the care is excellent."

The average tenure of our staff is 5.4 years, which means experienced, person-centered nursing, and less disruption to the daily routine of your loved one. We offer:

  • Private rooms
  • Private, full bathrooms
  • Group and in-room dining with therapeutic and modified diet options supervised by a registered dietician
  • 24-hour care
  • Dozens of weekly group activities, including singing, puzzles, games, and book club
  • One-on-one activities
    Regular entertainment, including theater and music
  • Shabbat, and other spiritual services
  • Leadership opportunities
  • Access to our beautiful 27-acre woodsy campus with dedicated walking trails

It was important that my mom spend this time of her life in a facility where she was really comfortable, and surrounded by things that were comfortable for her, and culturally appropriate. She loved the fact that we found a Jewish place where she can go to services and enjoy Jewish food and celebrate the holidays together. The fifth commandment is to honor thy father and mother, and my siblings and I are very happy that we are honoring both our father, who has passed, and our mother, by having her in a Jewish facility.
Julie, Resident Family Member

An older woman with white hair, glasses, and a red hat, coat, and scarf sits next to a younger woman with gray hair and glasses wearing a yellow jacket. They are both smiling and positioned closely together in front of a house, exuding warmth and skilled care in their expressions.

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