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A man wearing a black and yellow cap, glasses, and a green shirt stands in front of a commercial laundry machine, holding a pile of clean, folded white linens. He is smiling slightly and standing in what appears to be a laundry facility.

Keeping us Clean: Manny Entrambasaguas

If you hear joyous singing or whistling when you’re in the Home, it’s probably Manuel “Manny” Entrambasaguas.

The longtime laundry aide loves to sing while he works;

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An elderly person with short, white hair sits in a chair, wearing a red sweater and black gloves. They gently hug a baby doll dressed in a pink outfit, their eyes closed and a serene expression on their face, finding calm through the comfort object within the setting of long-term care.

Comfort Objects Help Calm Long-Term Care Residents

Everyone needs a little comfort now and then.

That’s why many elements of our robust Life Enrichment program for residents in long-term care involve activities that evoke strong memories.

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A wooden cabinet with ornate floral doors is open, revealing two Torah scrolls adorned with intricate embroidered covers. The left cover features a gold star, and the right has colorful floral designs. Soft lighting enhances the sacred items, making the Torahs feel like home.

Our Torahs are Home!

They’re back! Yes, after 2.5 years in Florida, the two Cedar Sinai Park Torahs out for repair are back on campus and ready to ring in 5784.

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Two older men are sitting at a table having a friendly conversation. One man with white hair and glasses is wearing a dark shirt, while the other, in a checkered shirt, is gesturing with his hands. They share a deep connection as their discussion flows in the well-lit room with neutral off-white walls.

Rabbi Barry Cohen Offers Connection, Support

The Jewish community chaplain, Rabbi Barry Cohen, is going to be spending more time at Cedar Sinai Park!

“Before Covid, Rabbi Barry used to come to breakfast once a week to spend time with the residents and have conversations,” said Spiritual Life Coordinator Cathy Zheutlin.

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Margaret Leontyev, with her wavy dark hair, smiles at the camera in a navy blue dress and long silver necklace. Behind her, abstract wall art with geometric shapes and muted colors sets a sophisticated tone—perfect for her working interview.

Margaret Leontyev: A Working Interview

It’s not always easy to chase down Margaret Leontyev. She not only moves fast, but the longtime catering manager has many different projects that she is working on,

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A person wearing glasses and a hat is joyfully playing an accordion while seated. The accordion is black with white and red detailing. The person, who seems to be singing or speaking as they play the music, exudes a sense of volunteer spirit in their performance.

Volunteer Brings Joy to Residents Through Music

Watching our slender volunteer Alan Moses lug his 21-pound accordion through the halls of Cedar Sinai Park to then set it on his knee for a playing and singing session with the residents is truly a lesson in dedication.

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A woman and a man stand together indoors, smiling at the camera. The woman, who appreciates the festive atmosphere, has short blonde hair and wears yellow glasses with a gray sweater. The man in a black cap and hoodie holds a drink. They are in a warmly lit room with candles and holiday decorations at Cedar Sinai Park.

Server Appreciates Cedar Sinai Park Love

Trevor Richen grew up in Portland in the food world. His great grandfather owned Griffin’s, a 1970s “cafeteria” in downtown Portland, where his parents and extended family worked before Trevor was born.

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Kimberly, a woman with curly gray hair, smiles warmly at the camera. She is wearing a dark-colored top and is set against a plain dark gray background.

Creating a Sustainable Future for Cedar Sinai Park

by Kimberly Fuson, Chief Executive Officer

Three years ago, our trustees offered me the privilege to return to Cedar Sinai Park to help steer the organization on to a path of sustainability.

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A woman wearing green scrubs with a name badge smiles while standing in a hallway of Cedar Sinai Park. The background includes a painting on the wall and multiple doorways, reflecting her role as a dedicated caregiver in this welcoming environment.

Caregiver’s Family Woven into Cedar Sinai Park Tapestry

Jasmine Lohn, L.P.N., C.N.A., is a prime example of the interconnectedness and tradition that is Cedar Sinai Park. Her parents worked at Robison Jewish Home when Jasmine was a young girl!

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