Peggy Henry

Peggy Henry, a hairstylist with glasses and a nametag, is curling the hair of a seated client with blonde hair. Smiling warmly, Peggy wears a patterned pink and black top along with a black apron. Shelves stocked with hair products are visible in the background.

When you look good, you feel good

Dec 28, 2023

Dec 21, 2023

Dec 14, 2023

Dec. 7, 2023

3 Tips for Elder Resiliency

Two elderly women demonstrate elder resiliency as they enjoy a game of mahjong at a table. One wears a grey sweater and glasses, smiling with her hand poised over the tiles. The other, in a purple top, reaches for pieces, with a walker visible in the background. They look content and engaged.

By Sydney Clevenger, with scheduling assistance from Rose Schnitzer Manor Active Assisted Living Resident Arlene Layton

With all that’s happening in the world, particularly since Covid, aging with grace has become an even tougher task.

What makes some individuals more resilient to life’s ups and downs?

We asked three elders at Cedar Sinai Park‘s Rose Schnitzer Manor Active Assisted Living—Eva,

Nov 30, 2023

Comfort Objects Help Calm Long-Term Care Residents

An elderly person with short, white hair sits in a chair, wearing a red sweater and black gloves. They gently hug a baby doll dressed in a pink outfit, their eyes closed and a serene expression on their face, finding calm through the comfort object within the setting of long-term care.

Everyone needs a little comfort now and then.

That’s why many elements of our robust Life Enrichment program for residents in long-term care involve activities that evoke strong memories. Activities that residents in long-term care enjoyed in their lives previously—arranging flowers, painting, planting, cooking—all are strategically incorporated into our model program. Such activities are especially important for residents with dementia, or in the middle to late stages of Alzheimer’s.

To help elders who have a strong need to nurture,

Nov 22, 2023

Nov 16, 2023