Independent, affordable housing for adults with developmental disabilities

A modern building with a maroon and gray exterior, featuring large windows and a ramp leading to the entrance. A sign near the ramp reads "KEHILLAH 6000," reflecting its community-focused design, while a few bare trees stand in the landscaped area in front of the building.

The mission of Kehillah is to provide Section 8 housing for adults with special needs, of all faiths and backgrounds, allowing them to live with comfort, independence, and dignity in the tradition of Jewish values. Cedar Sinai Park’s Kehillah is focused on supporting resident inclusion within the community through social activities and employment assistance. We partner with local agencies to offer residents access to an array of social services that help with independent living in the community.

"One of my best decisions was living at Kehillah. I think being amongst a community that’s full of good vibes and love is really big. It makes things easy. And my parents can tell I’m happy, and they are truly indebted to this place.”
A woman with blonde hair and yellow glasses stands next to a smiling man in a black hoodie and black cap. Both are holding cups in a cozy indoor setting with festive decor, including star-shaped ornaments and fairy lights in the background, creating a warm sense of community.