The Highs and Lows of Dementia

By Sydney Clevenger

Everyone can be forgetful at times. But as aging occurs, how does one tell the difference between momentary memory loss and the start of a degenerative brain disease such as dementia or Alzheimer’s? And what can be done to ensure elders who are experiencing dementia and Alzheimer’s maintain their quality of life, with respite for their caregivers?

The signs of dementia can be confusing, says Nancy Heckler,

When an Elder Should Sell a Long-time Home

By Sydney Clevenger

The housing market is a far cry from the peak of two springs ago, with interest rates surging again, homes on average taking three months to go pending, and price growth either negative or anemic. Should elders sit out the current market watching and waiting for better times? Or should they look for other indicators to guide their decision on when to sell a long-time family home?

“I think a common sign that it may be time to move is if you start feeling afraid in your home,” said Cedar Sinai Park’s Rose Schnitzer Manor Active Assisted Living Community Outreach Coordinator Catherine Quoyeser.

The Importance of Elder Engagement with Current Events

By Sydney Clevenger

With their many years of acquired wisdom, elders can teach younger generations a lot. But they can’t share if they are not informed.

“Many baby boomers are news junkies,” said Mitch Goldstein, a Life Enrichment Coordinator at Cedar Sinai Park‘s Rose Schnitzer Manor Active Assisted Living. “I learn so much about the world from them. They are such an untapped resource.

Why Hearing is Critical for Healthy Aging

By Sydney Clevenger, with research assistance from Rose Schnitzer Manor Active Assisted Living Resident Arlene Layton

If an elder can’t hear, it’s hard for them to participate in life. And poor hearing can increase elders’ risk of dementia.

That’s according to Darin Scheurer, owner of Portland, Oregon-based SmartStep Hearing.

“There are seniors who live in social isolation, or they are in a self-imposed isolation,

3 Tips for Elder Resiliency

By Sydney Clevenger, with scheduling assistance from Rose Schnitzer Manor Active Assisted Living Resident Arlene Layton

With all that’s happening in the world, particularly since Covid, aging with grace has become an even tougher task.

What makes some individuals more resilient to life’s ups and downs?

We asked three elders at Cedar Sinai Park‘s Rose Schnitzer Manor Active Assisted Living—Eva,

The Unexpected Costs of Senior Living

By Sydney Clevenger, with research by Rose Schnitzer Manor Active Assisted Living Resident Arlene Layton

When searching for senior living, it’s important to consider potential costs beyond what’s quoted up front for rent. Many communities charge extra for health care, amenities like parking and package delivery, and even administrative services that seniors are used to receiving at no cost.

“Since every community handles amenities differently, we recommend that seniors touring independent and assisted living keep a check list of services that are critical to their day-to-day lifestyle so they know what to expect with cost before they put down a deposit,” said Cedar Sinai Park‘s Rose Schnitzer Manor Active Assisted Living Building Services Director Tammy Heard.

What to Consider in an Elder Community

By Sydney Clevenger

First impressions count, and that’s an adage especially true when searching for an elder living community.

To truly recognize a community as home, there are several elements one should experience when first walking through the door of an elder living facility, said Cedar Sinai Park Community Program Director Jennifer Felberg.

The first perception, said Felberg, should be the environment.

“Many of our visitors to Rose Schnitzer Manor immediately comment on the lightness and brightness and homey-ness of our active assisted living community,

Pets Bring Joy at Rose Schnitzer Manor Assisted Living

By Sydney Clevenger, with research from Rose Schnitzer Manor Active Assisted Living Resident Arlene Layton

When resident Elaine was looking for active assisted living, she was adamant that her poodle-mix, Nettie, was coming with her.

“I got Nettie when she was 10, and I’ve had her five years, so she’s 50,” said Elaine, of her apricot-colored fluffy friend.

Nettie often attends singing with the Mazel Tones,

The Importance of Socialization for Seniors

by Sydney Clevenger

Even for elders blessed with a large family providing regular support, peer to peer socialization is a critical aspect of senior health that many people overlook.

“Seniors living alone often struggle with depression,” said Deborah Elliott, longtime marketing consultant in the senior living industry. “We see this often when a spouse dies, and the isolation brought about by Covid did not help our aging parents feel connected if they were living at home alone.”

Senior living communities provide an opportunity for regular social interaction,