Manager Loves to Cook and Care for Cedar Sinai Park’s Kehillah Residents

Nathan Burgess was a care provider at Jewish Family & Child Services in 2014, when he was asked by a parent there to apply for the role of in-house manager at Kehillah.

“I used to come here to take folks out in the community to do fun things,” said Nathan. “I met a parent here and she said they were looking for an on-site manager.”

That was eight years ago, and Nathan has been managing the apartments of Kehillah’s 14 residents and tending to their needs ever since.

Caregiver Loves Family Feel of Cedar Sinai Park

Talea Windsor is fairly typical of a Cedar Sinai Park caregiver, many of whom join the Home for its reputation and then stay on due to the family feel.

“I’d always heard about this place being amazing and having great food from my friends who worked here, so I thought I’d give it a try,” said the medication aide, who joined Robison Jewish Health Center/Harold Schnitzer Center for Living more than two years ago.

New Residents Enjoy Welcome Breakfast

Interconnection is what Cedar Sinai Park is all about, and a number of new connections were formed at Rose Schnitzer Manor’s welcome breakfast last week.

“Where did you live in Connecticut?” asked Resident Welcome Committee Chair Harriet, of new resident Ann. “Where?! Hamden?! You’re kidding, I lived there!” The ladies proceeded to share common shops they frequented and laugh over the potential of paths crossing.

Forrest and Sandy were celebrating their one-month anniversary at Rose Schnitzer Manor during the welcome breakfast.

Sinai In-Home Care Offers Former Stay-at-Home Dad Flexibility

There comes a time when many stay-at-home parents decide to re-enter the workforce, and it was that moment in 2019 that brought Michael Gettel-Gilmartin to Sinai In-Home Care.

“A friend of mine had worked here, and she said it would be a great place for me,” said Michael, who recently celebrated his fourth anniversary with Sinai In-Home Care. “The kids were grown and didn’t need me as much, and it seemed like a good time to return to work.

Meet the Torahs at Cedar Sinai Park

Cedar Sinai Park owns three Torahs that are used for a variety of Jewish services and holidays, and resident Bar/Bat Mitzvahs.

“We exist because of Torah,” said Board Member Eddy Shuldman, who is chairperson of the Religious and Spiritual Life Committee. “The Torah teaches us about honoring our parents, valuing our elders, and about choosing life!”

Eddy said all three Torahs have been with Cedar Sinai Park for a very long time.

New Logo for Cedar Sinai Park Highlights Inclusivity

Cedar Sinai Park has re-branded itself with a new logo that represents the inclusivity the organization seeks.

“Looking at our new logo, no matter your religion, culture, or ethnicity, you can feel a sense of belonging,” said Board Chair Steve Rallison. “Appealing to the larger community, without forgetting our Jewish roots,  is a direction Cedar Sinai Park  has been headed for a while.  The new logo is indicative of the organization’s inclusive, forward-moving direction.”

Chief Executive Officer Kimberly Fuson said the new logo was a year in the making.

Linfield Student Nurses Receive Hands-on Clinical Training at Cedar Sinai Park

Nursing students from Linfield College are at Cedar Sinai Park for eight-week clinical rotations, as part of their bachelor of nursing program. Almost two dozen students have been helping at Robison Jewish Health Center/Harold Schnitzer Center for Living with tasks such as interviewing patients, changing wound dressings, feeding meals, transferring our beloved friends, and administering insulin.

Groups of students began rotations here in August, and the last group will finish in early December.

Jeremy Schwartzberg: A Foodie Comes to Oregon

You might say Jeremy Schwartzberg grew up in food.

“Our family owned a food business,” said the senior chef at Rose Schnitzer Manor (pictured at right, with longtime cook Martin). “I grew up in the Catskills and Borsch Belt. All the hotels around us were kosher and we sold them all food. I’ve never walked in the front door of a kitchen; I was always in the back door.”

Jeremy is a lifelong New Yorker and talks like one,

PCC Students Benefiting from Cedar Sinai Park Partnership

When Portland Community College (PCC) student Richana McManus was looking for an internship in gerontology, Cedar Sinai Park was her first choice.

“I heard Nancy [Heckler] speaking about Cedar Sinai Park’s Adult Day Services program and I was almost salivating,” said McManus, who describes herself as a middle-aged woman looking for a career to suit her skills. “I knew from day one that I wanted to work with people who have Alzheimer’s and dementia and I was in a deep search for an internship opportunity,

Barbie Enkelis: Retiring to Her Second Home

It is safe to say, Barbie Enkelis, 71, has never forgotten a birthday.

“Your birthday is May 14. Her birthday is December 16 and hers is January 9. Kathy’s is April 15. And Kimberly’s birthday is in June, the 24th,” she says, rapid-fire while visiting the executive offices of Cedar Sinai Park.*

For more than 28 years, Barbie has commemorated the birthdays of employees as the nonprofit’s Simcha Coordinator. She also remembers the room numbers in which people have lived,