Annette Gerard: Selling it Like it is

Need some candy or a card? Forgot to buy laundry detergent? Or would you like Judaica for a Jewish holiday?

Rose Schnitzer Manor’s Stop N’ Shop has you covered.

“We have a tremendous number of items for sale, including jewelry,” said Annette Gerard, 96, who has managed the Stop N’ Shop with the help of volunteers for the past five years, and volunteered at the store for seven years prior. “We have a few connections who donate items or give us stuff at cost,

Jeanine Semon: Creativity Still Flowing at 92

When Jeanine Semon’s husband, Ed, used to leave for work every morning around 7:30 a.m., he would advise her to stay off the phone until after noon.

“That’s all he’d say,” said Jeanine, with a chuckle. “He knew my high-energy painting time was nine in the morning. And then after 12:30, he knew I’d painted. And he was right.”

Ed Semon recently passed (April 25, 2022), but even while grieving, Jeanine can still feel his quiet support in her artistic endeavors.

Residents Make a Difference at Rose Schnitzer Manor

One of the beauties of residing in an assisted living community is that there are always new ideas to share and challenges for solving! Residents with decades of life experience bring their thoughts and interests to Rose Schnitzer Manor to lead activities and take lives in a new direction.

“Our residents are involved and have so much to offer,” said Life Enrichment Coordinator Fabiana Dal Cero. “Some of the new activities come about through the Resident Council,

Dignity Committee Enhancing Person-Centered Care

One aspect of creating a home life for Cedar Sinai Park residents is respecting their apartments and suites when cleaning and organizing and providing care. Ways to tackle these tasks respectfully with residents’ preferences in mind was the focus of the organization’s Dignity Committee these past weeks.

“We all need reminders to respect people’s personal spaces when we are in them and to ask first if it’s okay to move items,” said committee chair and Director of Community Life Jennifer Felberg.

Cedar Sinai Now Has Portland’s Only Positive Approach to Care (PAC) Certified Independent Trainer

Staff who have a question about caring for residents with dementia need to look no further than Heather Hess. The Interim Sinai In-Home Care Director is the only Positive Approach to Care (PAC) Certified Independent Trainers in the Portland-area, having recently completed the intensive certification process.

“The certification courses were really kind of awesome because I got a true understanding of the brain and why dementia is happening,” said Hess, 44, who joined Cedar Sinai Park nearly eight years ago as a caregiver in the Harold Schnitzer Center for Living.

Lucy and Ethel Help in Rose Schnitzer Manor’s Newmark Dining Room

When the Newmark Dining Room is busy, there’s nothing like having extra hands!

To the amusement of Rose Schnitzer Manor residents and the gratitude of servers, two new robots in the dining room—dubbed Lucy and Ethel—are now carting food to tables, leaving servers to manage other essentials.

“They are very helpful, especially during breakfast and dinner when it’s busier,” said server Adam. One shift, Adam said, the team was down a team member,

Sew to Save donates 900+ handmade masks to CSP!

May 1, 2020

Watch our CEO, Kimberly Fuson, in a Fox 12 Oregon special feature showcasing the amazing generosity of Sew to Save Oregon! They donated nearly 1,000 hand-made cloth masks to our Cedar Sinai Park residents and caregivers! We feel so blessed by our wonderful community. Thank you Sew to Save Oregon for helping to keep our residents and staff safe!

To learn more about Sew to Save,